4 Ways You Can Take Advantage of Hidden Automation in Your Home


Add the Benefits of Smart Home Technology Without the Clutter

Are you hesitant to add smart technology to your space because you worry it’ll ruin the interior design you worked so hard to achieve? Technology and design don't have to be rivals when you incorporate hidden automation features into your New Orleans, LA home.

You'll be able to enjoy seamless control, greater comfort and high-performance AV while avoiding the clutter usually associated with technology.

Below are some of the unique ways to ensure it flows seamlessly with your desired aesthetic.

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Centralized Distribution

The easiest way to hide the brunt of your technology is through centralized distribution when it comes to lighting, audio and video. In the case of lighting, Control4 streamlines your system using central control panels to help eliminate wall clutter for a more flexible interior design.

Meanwhile, keep vital AV components like amplifiers, sources, and matrixes hidden away in a dedicated closet. Then, broadcast the signals to speakers and displays both indoors and out while keeping all wiring hidden behind walls or underground.


Though you can hide many of your AV components in the racks outlined above, some components have to live in the room. No elements present a more significant challenge than your video displays. You want larger-than-life images, but not a larger-than-life box taking over the entire space.

We hide video displays in a lot of unique ways. If you’re using a projector, it can disappear in a niche in the ceiling or live within media furniture (for short-throw projectors). Motorized screens roll up and disappear when not in use. 

For TVs, you can use mounts that pull them from furniture, the floor or the ceiling. Some mounts will hide your TVs behind works of art. You can also choose TVs that look like elegant decorative mirrors when not in use.


Speakers are a little easier to tuck away since they don't have to be seen to be enjoyed. Enjoy high-quality audio in every corner of your home without sacrificing your aesthetics through in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

We work with Stealth Acoustics, which has invisible speakers and subwoofers. While some in-wall and in-ceiling speakers still have grills you have to camouflage, Stealth Acoustic invisible speakers disappear entirely from view. Ideal for multi-room audio or home theaters, these speakers deliver audiophile-grade quality and leave no visual footprint within the room.


Motorized Shades

Do you want a more convenient way to manage the beautiful shades, drapes and blinds in your home? Add motorized window treatments without worrying about exposed wires or motors. Not only does all wiring stay hidden behind walls, but we partner with Lutron, which designs beautiful, sleek models that don't give away their motorization perks.

Their Palladiom line, in particular, can be installed without a fascia, pocket or recess. The shades have hand-finished brackets in a variety of finishes to fit any architectural style. Meanwhile, their trademark vertical drape system adds flexibility to your décor by pulling fabric entirely out of view for more open views and a more minimalist experience.  


Ready to embrace a custom technology solution in your New Orleans home? Reach out to our team by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. We can coordinate with you and your interior designer to develop a smart home that looks just the way you want.

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