4 Tips for an Unforgettable Media Room Design


Optimize Your Space for Aesthetics, Comfort, and Fun

Every family uses their media room differently—that's the beauty of it. While sometimes it hosts family movie nights, at other times, it's the dedicated Sunday football bunker. At any given time, you use a media room to host parties, play video games, or stream the latest HBO or Netflix series. That's why your media room design is so vital in your New Orleans, LA home. So what does it take to create an entertainment space that's fun for the entire family? We provide some vital design tips below.

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Get Rid of Wires, TVs, and AV Components

The problem with putting all your entertainment in one room is that it brings a lot of clutter along with it. Not only do you have to worry about the big black box in the center of the room, but all the different devices that connect to it. These include a video game console, Blu-ray player, cable box, streaming stick, and media server. Then add all the cabling needed to connect all components to each other, the TV, and your network.

How can you enjoy the fun while keeping a beautiful and safe space? Start by safely mounting your TV on the wall and keeping all wiring behind the walls. Next, all your AV components stay hidden from view in a dedicated closet with our distributed AV solutions getting the content to the display. Only devices that need to be local—like your brand new PS5—need to stay in the room.


Don’t Skimp on Your Audio Solution

Even if you’re not an audiophile, it’s important to make sound more than an afterthought. Depending on the primary way you want to use the space, you’ll want to address your audio needs differently. For example, audiophiles might go with a surround sound installation that features high-end loudspeakers in front that they can use in a 2-channel stereo system. How about if you primarily want to use your media room to host friends? Then in-ceiling speakers are a great solution to offer background music for any get-together, along with a soundbar to optimize your day-to-day TV watching.


Bring Life to the Space with the Right Lighting

Lighting control and motorized shades are vital for creating a versatile media room environment. Reading, watching TV and hosting friends will all require entirely different lighting approaches. Enhance your space with tunable lighting solutions that make specific colors pop while also encouraging relaxation or focus depending on the time of day or activity. Natural light not only adds beauty to the room, but large windows can make it look bigger as well. Elegant shades make it easy to optimize natural light while keeping it at bay at times to avoid glare or washed-out displays.


Add Versatility with Intuitive Control Solutions

Versatility is at the heart of a successful media room. But all the various features we mention won't be worth much if they're hard to manage. Avoid the clutter of remotes or a setup so hard to adjust that it's only suitable for one activity. Craft the perfect space for any occasion with intuitive control which lets you seamlessly manage your lights, audio, video, and shades through a simple button press, voice command, or swipe on your phone. Make the most of your space with a personalized Control4 solution that lets you control the technology that matters most to you just the way you want.


Do you want a media room design that addresses your family’s needs while staying true to your stylistic vision? Our technicians will create a tailor-made solution for your home. Reach out for a free consultation by giving us a call, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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