Once You Cut the Cord, You’ll Never Go Back


Access more entertainment and save money when you make the switch from cable to streaming services

Robust home audio video is an essential technological system in your Lafayette, LA, home. It’s how you and your family listen to music, binge TV shows and watch movies together.  

But in 2020, it’s time to cut the cord — the cable cord, that is. Streaming music, movies and TV shows opens a wider range of entertainment options for you and your family. Connecting all your services under one system will simplify the process of having entertainment on hand to keep everyone happy.

It isn’t difficult to cut the cord if you hire a professional integrator like Acadian to design and install a streamlined audio video system in your home. Keep reading to learn why it’s worth your time and money to make the switch from cable to streaming.       


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When You Cut the Cord, You Cut the Costs

Paying for cable costs hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars a year. And you’re probably already paying for a few music and video streaming services as well, along with the high-speed internet to run them on. Eliminating cable will reduce your yearly entertainment costs by hundreds of dollars. You’ll only pay for the services you and your family watch or listen to regularly — and that’s an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

With some of the money you save by cutting out cable expenses, we recommend you upgrade your home network. You’ll need a strong network to support daily internet activities, along with all your streaming services. Need a hand with that? At Acadian, we can help you upgrade your network to include multiple wireless access points and expanded bandwidth. Watch all your favorite shows in clear 4K resolution on a fast, reliable network.    


Have Centralized and Convenient Control Over All AV Devices

Install a whole-home audio video system and manage all your music and video services via one smartphone, tablet or remote. Distributed audio and video gives you the freedom and flexibility to watch or listen to multiple music or video services on multiple devices. Or you can transmit one music or video service to all the devices in your home. Either way, you can find all your available services in one convenient place.

If you’re listening to music while you move around the house, you won’t need to fiddle with each device separately to find your playlists. Navigate to your AV system app on a smartphone or tablet and press one button to start the music in your location. 

Again, we recommend your home network is up to speed so you can enjoy fast, uninterrupted streaming in every corner of your property.


Explore Expansive Entertainment Options

Connect all your favorite streaming services under one AV system. For video, you can easily integrate popular services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Amazon Prime into your system. For audio, queue up playlists in Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music. With so many options at your fingertips, you’ll meet the whole family’s entertainment preferences. 

The team at Acadian are local experts in custom smart installations and integrations in the Lafayette, LA, area. Trust the professionals to set up your home audio video system correctly — all you need to worry about is pressing one button to get the celebratory music playing in every room of your house. Call us today at 225-906-2589, fill out our online contact form, or use the chat box in the righthand corner of your screen to speak with us live.


We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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