How to Personalize Your Smart Home Experience

Relish in Technology Designed with Your Unique Needs in Mind

Many clients ask us why they should work with a smart home company when they first reach out. Very few realize we’re there to provide a service rather than just sell them products. Which is why many think going to their local electronics store is a better move. As the go-to smart home company in Lafayette, LA, we bring our own set of experience and expertise to advise you on the best technology. We then design it in a way that elevates your everyday lifestyle.

Though greater reliability may be the biggest perk of working with a smart home company, getting a system tailored to you is just as important. How do you want to interact with your technology? Everyone will have a different answer which is why all our projects have a personal touch in the ways outlined below.

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Manage Technology Your Way

The most significant selling point for many smart devices is the ability to manage everything from a mobile app. However, there may be times when a mobile app is not the best approach. During a movie marathon, a handheld remote will still feel more natural. Need to turn on the lights when your hands are busy? Enjoy hands-free control by linking your smart home to your favorite voice assistant. Each of our installations includes various control solutions, depending on what you feel fits best.

Even when you do want to use a mobile app, we design it so it’s easy for you to find your favorite features. Enjoy a unique interface for your app and dedicated touchpads using Control4's new OS 3. Not only do you get one-touch access to your most-used rooms, but you can customize the menu in each to your liking. Take personalization to the next level by adding a wallpaper for each space.

Build Your Ideal System  

How do you know which features to include in your home? Ensure you only get what you need by meeting one-on-one with a smart home company. Crafting a custom smart home is all about working with you to figure out which technology will improve your lifestyle. How often do you listen to music or work from home? Ever leave the house for months at a time?

Reviewing the answers to questions like these will help us understand the ideal audio, networking, video and security solutions for you. Usually, this means deciding which features to include, in which rooms they'll be needed and how to manage them all. By limiting your smart home tech to only what you need, you get a more streamlined and efficient system. If you want to add new things in the future, it’s easy to incorporate them into your smart home down the line.

Make Personalized Smart Scenes

A way to get more out of your technology is to create scenes that activate your favorite settings across various devices. For example, when you want to watch a movie, you can prepare your media room or bedroom within seconds. Lower the shades, dim the lights and turn on your TV to your favorite streaming service at the press of a button.

Not only will we draft some smart scenes to get you started, but we'll also show you how to create your own down the line. Design and adjust them as needed using Control4's WhenàThen feature for a more seamless lifestyle.

  Are you ready to get the most out of your technology by working with your local smart home company? Make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation by giving us a call, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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