What is the Best Way to Stream Music in Your Home?

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Enjoy Easy Access to High-Quality Audio in Every Corner of Your Home

In the 1970s, audiophiles would sit in front of their record players for hours-long listening sessions. Then, in the 1980s came the cassette tape with greater portability, easy fast forward and rewind functions and the ability to create custom mix tapes.

The 1990s brought the CD players, which let audiophiles easily pick out tracks, shuffle, and repeat songs. Then the turn of the millennium saw downloadable MP3s that let music lovers bypass albums and pick out their favorite singles. Finally, in the last decade and a half, there's been a new player in music reproduction—streaming which provides access to massive music libraries in increasingly high-quality formats.

Over the years, our whole home audio solutions have helped clients adapt to the ever-changing world of music and this time is no different. Below are some of the ways we help our clients embrace streaming in their Tampa, FL homes.

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Bring Together All Your Streaming Services

While some people are loyal to one streaming platform, others like to hop between them depending on variations in quality and libraries. Our Control4 whole home audio systems bring all your streaming services together so you can pull up all your music from one place instead of having to flip from one app to another. Even create playlists combining songs from different platforms for an interruption-free listening session, whether it needs to last all night or just through a specific activity.

Access to Your Music the Way You Want It

Accessing all your music in one place is just the start. Our whole home audio solutions are also customized to the way you want to access music. Choose from dedicated touchpads, mobile apps or voice commands. Via your go-to control option, you'll be able to skip tracks, adjust volume and even choose where to play your audio. For example, have audio play on one speaker or group speakers together to get your music playing in the kitchen and media room simultaneously when hosting friends or throughout your entire outdoor area.

Enjoy Music Through High-Performance Speakers

One of the great things about streaming is its portability. Unfortunately, many people sacrifice quality by listening on portable speakers—whether those on their smartphones or Bluetooth speakers. A whole home audio system links your streaming services to high-performance speakers throughout the house.

Press play on your latest playlist creation and have it broadcast through your landscape speakers in the backyard, standing loudspeakers in your listening room, or discrete in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen and bedroom. You can still listen when you want, where you want, without sacrificing quality.


Now is the perfect time to optimize your home for music streaming as you prepare to host summer get-togethers with friends and family. Delight in your favorite music no matter where you are in the house with a professional whole home audio installation. Our team would love to help, just call or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment.

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