3 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Conference Room Audio Video


Increase employee engagement during business meetings with high-quality audio video features in the boardroom

During this time of transformation in how we operate within the world, you may be changing how you communicate and conduct business with your employees, clients and business partners. Now is the time to start thinking about setting up flexible, scalable communication systems that can adapt to unexpected circumstances.

Commercial audio video will enhance your ability to host meetings, communicate effectively and promote engagement with the people who make up your New Orleans, LA, business. Keep reading to learn 3 ways that a professionally installed AV system in your conference room will better prepare your business for the future.


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1. Communicate With Employees Near and Far

With high-quality speaker systems and 4K projectors and TV screens, employees can experience crystal-clear sound and sharp visuals on video conferencing calls. Miscommunication abounds when your remote workers have difficulty seeing or hearing you while you’re announcing important company news, which is why networking also plays a vital role. 

We recommend you entrust your commercial audio video setup to a professional integration company like Acadian Home Theater & Automation. Our commercial solutions include a robust network infrastructure, so you won’t suffer lags, slow connection or dropped video calls during meetings.


2. Encourage Greater Employee and Client Interaction

Videos, graphs, infographics and other visual displays are more engaging ways to present information than plain text lectures. With audio video set up in your conference rooms, you can present powerful training videos, educational resources and sales pitches using visual aids that pop on a large-screen projector or TV. Vivid displays will encourage your employees and clients to engage more with the information they’re seeing.


3. Look Polished and Professional for Clients and Partners

Image is one aspect of what you’re selling to clients or potential business partners. Use crisp, clear sound systems and presentation technology to give confident, compelling presentations and pitches. Clients will be impressed by your preparation and professionalism and feel more confident that you can provide solutions to meet their needs.

Want to wow your clients and business partners even more? Integrate smart lighting and motorized shades into your conference room as well. With one-touch control on a smartphone, tablet or computer, set the lights to dim, the window shades to close and the projector screen to roll down and start your video presentation.


Acadian Home Theater & Automation has the expertise to design and install large-scale solutions for commercial organizations in New Orleans, LA. We can help you upgrade your conference rooms with custom AV integrations that will streamline company meetings and communications.


Call us at 225-906-2589 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation with our experts. You can also chat live with one of our professional representatives using the chatbox in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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