Make Your Life More Convenient with Smart Home Automation


How to Experience Effortless Living by Making Your New Orleans Home Smarter

As you spend more time indoors in the coming months, wouldn’t it be great if you had a home that can anticipate your needs? Wouldn’t it be great to have control of all your technology in the palm of your hands? Imagine the convenience of seamlessly controlling your lights, AC, security system, and everything else with a simple button press or voice command.  

Experience effortless living by upgrading your home with cutting-edge smart technology solutions. Whether you want to automate a few devices in your rooms or your entire home, your choices are virtually endless. Learn about smart home automation options in New Orleans, LA, by reading more below.




Let’s Start with Lights

Stop flipping switches. There’s an easier way to control the lights in your home. Why not consider smart lights that you control with your phone, through voice command, or by innovative touchpads? An integrated light control system thinks for you, making everything so convenient and adjusting the lights depending on the time of day. Dedicated lighting scenes can also be programmed for various activities – breakfast, homework, bedtime, and work. Transform the way you see your home with smart lighting.


Home Entertainment at Its Finest

Worried about going stir crazy inside? Turn your movie-watching and music-listening experiences up a notch! Smart home automation puts home entertainment at the center of it all. Ready to watch a movie? Tell your home theater room what you want. Through voice command, you can control the lights, lower the shades, turn on the TV, select a movie, and adjust the audio (whole-home audio if you’d like). While you’re at it, why not adjust the temperature as well? If you still want to use traditional remotes, that’s fine too. Acadian Home Theater & Automation is happy to design a space that meets your specific needs so you enjoy home entertainment the way it should be.


A Home That Keeps You Safe and Secure

Few things deter burglars like a smart security system. Years ago, savvy thieves could circumvent surveillance cameras and locks, but things have changed. Now, security cameras capture high-definition images and use AI (artificial intelligence) to quickly and accurately identify trespassers. With smart locks, you’re able to lock and unlock your doors wirelessly – even when you’re away from home. Once programmed, they also operate automatically based on preset scheduled for your extra peace of mind.

There’s also a new technology called geofencing. It creates an invisible fence around your property. As soon as someone steps inside or outside of that zone, the security system responds. When an intruder crosses the threshold, certain preset rules go into effect. You’ll be alerted remotely when it happens. Various “scenes” can be programmed so you don’t need to worry about turning the system off and on.


Would you like to add convenience, security, and a little bit of luxury to your home? The experts at Acadian will provide a consultation to discuss all the benefits a smart home provides.

Call us at 225-906-2589, fill out our contact form, or chat with us to get started on your project.

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