Why Businesses and Builders Need to Focus on Network Upgrades


As more people work from home and families isolate themselves, strong networks are more important than ever

There’s no getting around it: We are living through an unprecedented event with the COVID-19 outbreak. Unprecedented, however, does not mean insurmountable or apocalyptic. People are still working, and families are adapting to these changes as best they can. There are certainly still roles for businesses and homebuilders to play even as we all adjust to the massive disruptions caused by this epidemic.

For businesses, you need to find new ways for your workforce to do their jobs while taking appropriate safety precautions. For builders, the reality is people will be spending more time than ever at home with children attending classes online and families needing a stress outlet through media and home entertainment. In both cases, a strong network is crucial to helping your customers adapt and thrive in this new environment. This blog will go through several reasons why you need to focus on providing network solutions for your clients in the New Orleans region.

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As more and more cities and states enact stricter quarantine measures, you need to change how your business operates, starting with your workforce. Many of your employees will need to work from home, if they’re able, which means you and they need a high-performance network. You’ll be doing meetings over videoconference instead of in-person, relying on cloud computing and virtual desktops to run important programs, and using communications tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams to stay in touch.

All these tasks and applications use a lot of bandwidth on your network, and if your system isn’t up to the challenge, you’ll see major disruptions in your workflow at a time when you can least afford them. You need a serious network upgrade ASAP, and that’s something we can provide for you. We’ll install the latest, most advanced routers and network switches, clean up your wiring, install the right programs to keep your business working as smoothly as possible, and more. With the right network and commercial automation solutions, you’ll be well-positioned to weather this crisis as best as possible.


Families stuck inside their homes under quarantine orders will be relying on network-intensive devices and applications for work and play. Mom and dad need to beef up their network so they can work from home, while their children will be watching streaming videos, listening to streaming music, playing videogames online, and using other Internet-based entertainment.

Without an adequate network, parents will be unable to get work done and everyone will quickly be frustrated when their media systems don’t function properly. This also includes any existing home automation systems, which are also depending on the home network.

If you aren’t already talking to your former clients and future clients about network upgrades, we recommend you do so immediately. Some projections from public health experts estimate this outbreak could last for months, and your customers will need a sturdy network to help get them through it.


Now is the time for businesses and builders to begin network upgrade projects. To find out more about our networking services, call us at (225) 906-2589 or visit our contact page.

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