Why It’s Time to Bring All Your Smart Devices Together

Control4 dedicated touchpad showing the home screen sits next to a white Amazon Echo speaker on top of a wooden dresser.

Get More Out of Your Smart Technology With a Home Automation System

Now that smart technology has become mainstream–available in retail stores across the country–why is a professional smart home installation ever needed? With smart lights, locks, cameras, thermostats, speakers, refrigerators and more available directly to the consumer, what is the point in having a home automation system?

While many of the devices on the market are great (we even include them in our systems), they can become a problem once you have more than a handful installed. There are many reasons to upgrade to a home automation system for your Mandeville, LA, home, from reduced network vulnerability to streamlined control. 

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Streamline Your Control Options 

The first benefit of a home automation system is having all your smart devices under one roof. You shouldn’t have to shuffle between twelve different apps to get through the day. Instead, our Control4 solutions let you centralize all your technology and manage it from the device of your choice. Whether via a voice assistant, mobile app or dedicated touchpads, you’ll be able to control lighting, AV, security, HVAC, shades and more without dealing with a clutter of remotes or apps.


Get Your Devices Working Together

Now imagine sitting down to watch a movie in your media room. Not only can you prepare your room just using the Control4 app, but you can do it without having to make a ton of separate commands. Instead, you can create a “Movie Scene” that, at the press of a button, dims the lights, closes the shades, turns on your display and pulls up your go-to streaming services. 

These multi-system partnerships are also called macros and can be automated. For example, when your thermostat senses the house is getting hotter, not only will it increase the flow of cold air like a typical thermostat, but it’ll direct your shades to close to reduce heat gain.


Safely Access Your Devices Remotely 

The last reason to opt for a home automation system is not mentioned as often, but it may be the most important. The magic behind smart devices is due to the Internet of Things. All your devices communicate through your network to work together and provide remote access. When you go for a DIY approach with many separate devices, you are creating individual nodes in your network that could be a potential breach point for cyberattackers. 

Upgrading to a home automation system, will help you reduce the number of entry points to your network and limit the risk of cyberattacks. Companies like Control4 also include additional encryption and firewalls to protect your network. As an established company, you can trust them more than new entrants into the IoT (Internet of Things) world that may not have developed the strongest security standards yet.

Home automation systems deliver an elevated approach to smart technology. Acadian can design one tailored to your unique needs. Set up a consultation with our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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