5 Reasons to Install Video Surveillance Cameras at Home

View video surveillance footage on a tablet.

Professional Cameras Provide More Than Just a Watchful Eye

It has been interesting to watch the rise of the video doorbell. What started as a way to greet visitors while away from the house has become a makeshift security network. People have become so fascinated with the goings on of the neighborhood throughout the day.

There's something to be said about having a watchful eye on what is happening around you. Not only does it help you sleep at night, but it also helps to locate the missing cat from down the street. We've all become amateur detectives, haven't we?!

But, sometimes, crimes require a little more than just a watchful eye for resolution. Professional video surveillance cameras with advanced zoom lenses and high-quality video can provide more information about more unsettling mysteries. Continue reading to learn the benefits supplied by professionally-installed video surveillance cameras.

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Remote Access

Like video doorbells, you can also access surveillance video using an app on your smartphone or tablet. This accessibility gives homeowners peace of mind when they are away and want to check in on things. However, professional surveillance cameras can swivel and zoom in and out, helping homeowners to get a good look at the scene. And unlike many DIY video doorbells, you can review past footage as well. 

Having remote access can also be helpful while you're at home. For instance, you could be in bed when you hear someone enter the front door. By looking at the camera on your phone, you can see it's just your teenager coming in late. But, if it had been a real threat, you could have alerted authorities before that person could locate you.


Security cameras are a crime deterrent. When criminals see the cameras, they tend to avoid them and move along. So, be sure not to hide the cameras and ensure they are viewable from a distance. Professional cameras are expertly designed to be tamper proof so don’t worry about hiding them to avoid damage. 


You can program your video surveillance cameras to send alerts to your smart device when motion is detected, doors are accessed or other rules you program into the system. The benefit of having alerts is that you won't have to worry for long periods regarding the security of your home. Alerts are also helpful to let you know your children have arrived home from school or that your cleaning crew has left for the day.

Video Analytics

Home surveillance cameras can be equipped with video analytics and AI software to make searching for specific moments easier. For example, the footage can be searched with a simple keyword to locate the neighbor's cat or the stranger parked in your driveway. This quick find is also very helpful for authorities should you need to pass anything along to them for further investigation.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Many homeowner insurance companies will offer a discount if you have a reliable surveillance system on your property. Check any deals you may be eligible for if you have installed a professional video surveillance camera or system.


If you're interested in learning more about video surveillance camera options for your Tampa, FL, home, please get in touch with us for more information.

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