Motorized Shades FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

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Navigate Your Next Shading Installation Seamlessly with Answers to Your Biggest Questions 

Motorized shades are a must-have addition to any home. You’ll be able to manage all the shades in your Lafayette, LA home through your control option of choice. So whether you use an elegant on-wall keypad, handheld remote or scheduled changes, you will enjoy ultimate comfort every second of the day. The result is a more beautiful, comfortable and efficient home. 

Are you wondering if motorized shades are the right fit for your home? We’d like to help you get better acquainted with the technology by answering some common questions below.

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How Are Motorized Shades Powered?

Motorized shades are powered in two distinct ways. For new installations, we recommend using hardwired shades that include wiring infrastructure to connect the shades to both a power source and your control platform. In some retrofit cases where wiring is difficult, manufacturers also offer battery-powered shades with differing lifespans. 

One big caveat here. When manufacturers mention wireless shades, they don’t always mean battery-powered. Sometimes, it means shades communicate wirelessly to your control system but still require hardwired power sources. It’s best to consult with a professional to ensure you’re getting the model you need. 

What Shades Can Be Motorized?

Roller shades are the most common type of motorized shades, but they’re not the only option. The companies we work with–including Lutron and Hunter Douglas–offer motorized options for many models. You’ll be able to motorize cellular shades, roman shades and even drapes. Lutron’s unique control mechanisms even let you not only lift and close blinds but adjust their slats to angle the sun just the way you want.

Will Motorized Shades Fit My Windows?

The great thing about motorized shades is they’re fully customizable for any application. Lutron shades, for example, go as big as 12 feet wide. Have you got another challenging window in your home? We’ve got the solution. Lutron has angled couplers to reduce the number of drives needed for angled applications. 

Their tension shades can go in skylights or windows at any angle ranging from -135 degrees to 135 degrees. Cable-guided shades offer precise movement in windows up to a 20-degree angle. These included a weighted bottom bar to avoid sagging.

Can Existing Shades Be Motorized?

Do you already have fabrics that you love? Both Lutron and Hunter Douglas let you use your own fabric selection! We’ll cut the fabric to fit your window and pair it with one of their drivers to retain the decor you have in mind while offering an upgraded control experience. 


To get more information on motorized shades or get started on your installation, reach out to one of our shading experts by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. Understanding your needs is the first step to successful motorized shades!

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