How Your Living Room Benefits from Motorized Shades

A living room featuring tan couches, a white coffee table and end tables and a tan rug with windows and sliding glass doors in the background looking out on a green field.

Create a Comfortable, Multi-Purpose Space the Entire Family Enjoys

Motorized shades are one of the technology upgrades we recommend most for our clients. While a relatively easy addition, they bring many benefits, including greater style, comfort and safety. In addition, their versatile applications make them a great addition to the entire home—including the patio with the latest outdoor models! 

If you’re not entirely sure about adding shades and would like to test them out in one area first, then there’s no better place to start than your living room. Your living room is a go-to destination for family and guests, and it should be able to adapt to how you want to use it. 

Below we outline some ways motorized shades are uniquely useful in your living room while showcasing some ways they benefit your Tampa, FL, home as a whole. 

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Create a Multi-Purpose Space 

A living room’s number one goal is to be adaptable to your needs. Your lighting requirements will be much different if you’re hosting an intimate brunch with your closest friends or having a movie night with the family. How can you ensure the right lighting for each?

For your living room, we recommend using dual-roller shades. This means you can have two types of motorized shades on the same window. During brunch, keep the shades open or bring down a sheer fabric that lets soft lighting flow into the room to feature your beautiful food spread. Drop down a blackout shade for movie night that eliminates ambient light for a cozy, dungeon-light environment fit for streaming.

Control The Intense Florida Heat 

Living rooms often feature large windows perfect for enjoying the sunset with a relaxing cup of tea. You also likely have sliding glass doors that open into your pool, patio and backyard. In the summer, that means a ton of sunlight baking the room and pushing your HVAC into overdrive to keep your family comfortable. 

Motorized shades offer a great way to keep that heat at bay. Direct shades to close automatically at the hottest parts of the day to keep your home cool. Even integrate them directly with your smart thermostat, which directs them to close when your home heats up above a predetermined temperature. 

Protect Your Valuable Belongings 

That sunlight coming in unabated does more than heat up your home. The UV rays also harm your belongings. Living rooms often feature some of your most valuable items, from vintage furniture to expensive artwork, so avoiding direct sunlight is vital. Your motorized shades can respond to photosensors, closing automatically whenever your window is hit directly by the sun. This keeps the most powerful UV rays from damaging any of your prized possessions.


Are you interested in seeing how motorized shades could fit into your living room and other areas of your home? We’d love to help! Set up a meeting with our shading experts to learn more about the ideal models and applications for your home. Just call, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below to get started. 

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