How to Make Your Home a Control4 Smart Home


Discover the Latest C4 Smart Products Like the Chime Doorbell at the Upcoming “C4Yourself” Event

Knock, knock . . . no more! Instead of answering the door, the Chime video doorbell by Control4 does it for you. But it offers so much more than that. It’s also smart, boasting a range of state-of-the-art features that monitor the entry points around your house. Best of all, you don’t need to wait to test-drive a Chime. During the C4Yourself event this month, stop by Acadian Home Theater & Automation for a closer look.

At our Control4 certified showroom in Baton Rouge, LA, we feature a wide range of audio-video, security, and home automation products to ensure a smarter home. Keep reading to learn how a trusted Control4 dealer improves your home’s security, luxury, and livability.

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The C4 Chime Keeps Your Home Safe

The Chime is unlike any doorbell you’ve seen before. Not only is it sleek and expertly engineered, but it also acts as its own security system. When someone rings the doorbell, you can answer it from anywhere and control it too. I

f integrated with your smart home system, you’ll answer the door, see who it is, speak with the person, and even unlock the door – without getting out of your seat. Just do it from your touchpad or smartphone app. No other video doorbell offers this level of integration with the Control4 system.

In addition, if you’re concerned about intruders or package thieves on your porch, the Chime stands in as your AI security guard. It lets you create motion-detection zones that trigger when it detects any activity. Whenever someone crosses into a zone, the Chime takes a picture. You can also set it to begin recording, turn on the outdoor lights, or send you an alert when something happens. Nothing gets past the Chime!

Join Us at the C4YOURSELF Event

Learn more about smart home automation at our C4Yourself event. You’ll be able to interact directly with some of the latest features that Control4 has to offer and we’ll be there to advise you on what the best solutions are for your family.

Acadian Home Theater & Automation is a certified Control4 dealer that makes your home safer and more fun to live in. With a C4 system, you’ll interact with all the technologies in your home by one-touch control. Adjust the smart lighting, check the security camera footage, choose songs for your whole-home audio system, and enjoy an amazing movie night in your home theater. Control4 makes your home more intelligent while enhancing your lifestyle.


Want to find out more about our Control4 event? We’d love for you to join us! Call Acadian Home Theater & Automation at (225) 906-2589 or visit our contact page to get started.

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