How to Avoid Common DIY Outdoor Audio Problems


Find Out How a Professional Delivers Stellar Sound Anywhere

Do you want to add a spark to your patio, pool, backyard or veranda? Usually, the first thing people think of is integrating outdoor audio. Outdoor audio seems like an easy enough addition to your New Orleans, LA home, and what better way to liven up the day than with the right playlist? But placing a few speakers near the wall or resorting to portable Bluetooth speakers won’t do the trick.

If you’ve ever experienced bad outdoor sound—whether at a gathering or a restaurant’s live music night—you know how quickly it can ruin your day. Vibrant sound is much easier to accomplish indoors where there’s less noise interfering with the signal and four walls prepared to bolster it.

Not only does a DIY setup lead to poor, uneven sound quality, but it can result in damaged electronics too! This blog focuses on the most common outdoor audio complaints we hear and explains how a professional installer can address each.

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Speakers Suddenly Not Working

Usually, the most common complaint we hear is that speakers stop working entirely. Relying on indoor speakers is the main problem since they will wear down quickly when dealing with water, debris and extreme temperatures. However, even cheaper outdoor speakers can struggle to deal with the environment.

Normally, a good way to gauge how well speakers will stand up to the elements is to check their IP (Ingress Protection) rating. Each rating includes two numbers, the first addresses how well it deals with debris and the second how well it deals with moisture. The higher the number, the better, with 66 being the maximum score.

Limited Audio Options

Another complaint we hear, especially from those resorting to Bluetooth speakers, is their limited audio options. The problem with these types of speakers is that you can only stream music from your phone. A subscription to a high-end streaming service provides access to thousands of songs, but what if you want to listen to an album or the Saints’ radio broadcast?

A professional can link your outdoor speakers to your multi-room audio system, giving you access to all the same sources you enjoy indoors. It’s then easy to pull up what you want to hear from a mobile app or a weatherproof remote by the pool.

Dealing With Uneven Sound

How often have you dealt with outdoor audio that is unbearably loud in some areas and imperceptible in others? Relying on too few speakers is usually the issue here. Deploying speakers a few feet apart throughout your outdoor spaces will result in more even sound. You’ll be able to walk back and forth from the porch, backyard, and pool without sensing any change in sound quality or volume.

Ambient Noise Blocking Out Sound

Ambient noise is another concern outdoors since you must overcome things like wind, traffic and chirping birds. Not only will having more speakers help, but a lot will depend on the type of speakers you use. The IP rating isn't the only thing that better prepares speakers for outdoor use.

Speakers indoors are typically omnidirectional, allowing for greater coverage with fewer speakers. Outdoor models, meanwhile, are directional to allow for a stronger signal that cuts through the noise. Facing these speakers inward will also help, as you can use your exterior walls to bolster the sound.

Let our team advise you on the best outdoor audio setup for your New Orleans home. All you have to do is set up a one-on-one consultation with us by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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