How Can You Optimize the Energy Use in Your Home?


New Technology Helps You Improve Your Home Energy Management  

One reason many people reach out to us about smart home technology is wanting a more efficient home. And at no time is efficiency more important than when it comes to your home’s energy management. Having a strategic approach to your energy use not only means lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint, but it also results in added reliability across all your technology systems. 

What steps can you take to ensure you have a proactive home energy management solution in place in your New Orleans, LA home? Start with energy-saving features like lighting control and climate control and expand to energy backup systems that reduce your dependence on the grid. Some of the most essential steps to an energy-conscious lifestyle are outlined below. 

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Reduce Your Energy Waste 

Energy-efficiency begins with cutting down on waste. Start with one of the technologies you use most often in your home: lighting. Every family has someone who refuses to turn lights off when they leave a room, no matter how often you remind them. Adding occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights off in empty spaces not only eliminates waste, but it reduces family tensions as well. 

Another common energy inefficiency in the home is using artificial lighting when it is not needed. Synch your lighting control and motorized shades to open shades and dim lights when sunlight is available. One added perk: more exposure to sunlight will improve your overall wellbeing. 

However, it’s the HVAC system that has the most significant impact on your monthly energy bills. A smart thermostat goes into energy-saving mode when you're not home. It also workwith your motorized shades, closing them at the hottest parts of the day to eliminate heat gain. 

Understand Your Energy Use 

Exactly how much energy goes to your lighting and HVAC? Do you know which rooms use the most power or at which hours you have the highest energy usage? Visibility is a vital component of any energy management solution. 

Use energy management tools that integrate easily into your Control4 home automation system to monitor your energy use in real-timeOnce you have better informationyou can use some of the tips outlined above to improve problem areas.  

Have a Reliable Energy Backup 

With your home so reliant on technology, a power outage could wreak havoc on your lifestyle. How can you keep vital components running in case of a power outage or brownout? 

Incorporate a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to power essentials like refrigerators or security systems. Often, these include backup batteries that store power from the grid or solar panels. Link your UPS to an energy management system that lets you choose which devices to prioritize when switching to emergency power. 

If using a solar-powered battery, you'll also be able to set rules for when you want to use the power off the grid or off solar. Stay off the grid during high-demand hours when power usage is more expensive. 

If you want to learn more about efficient home energy management, reach out to one of our smart technology experts. You can set up a meeting with our team by giving us a call, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below. 

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