Smart Climate Control: Another Way to Make Your Home Smarter


Take Control of Your Home’s Heating and Air System with the Touch of a Button

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a thermostat that adjusts to your schedule and changes with the weather? When you have a smart climate control system, your home in Baton Rouge, LA, becomes more intelligent – making you more comfortable. Not only does an automated climate control system to learn from your routines, but it also works in sync with your motorized shades to achieve the optimal temperature in your home all year long.

Adjusting your thermostat throughout the day is now a thing of the past. Read our blog to find out how smart climate control makes your life more enjoyable.

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A More Comfortable Way to Live

Can you imagine living in Louisiana years ago without air conditioning? Even though AC was invented in 1902, it wasn’t until the 1950s when American homeowners could purchase room air conditioners. Central air didn’t come out until the 1970s. As each decade came and went, more technological advances were introduced in the heating and cooling industry, bringing a little more luxury to life.

Now, with smart climate control systems, you can live a life that your ancestors couldn’t have dreamed of – in a home that maintains the perfect temperature in every room and every season. With a smart, automated climate control system, you can create temperature setpoints based on many factors: the time of day, the day of the week, and even the day of the year. The system is then able to think for you and cater to your comfort level.

In the morning, when your home is cooler, the system works in tandem with your heating and air unit and motorized shades. It opens the blinds to introduce the sun’s warmth into your living space. In the afternoon, when the sun’s rays are beaming through the window, the system closes the blinds to maintain cooler living space. All the while, your climate control system perfectly adjusts the thermostat, so you never notice a change in temperature. Just think of the energy savings you’ll enjoy it too!

Why You Need a Smarter Thermostat

Even though your current thermostat is programmable, it doesn’t make it smart. Some smart thermostats on the market are just following orders. Once you set it, it simply cycles through the programmed temperatures throughout the day. But things change. Your schedule isn’t always predictable. And fluctuations in the weather also affect your heating and AC system. With those variables in play, an ordinary thermostat cannot maintain a consistent temperature in your home.

However, a smart thermostat automatically adjusts based on the activities in your house. It also keeps an eye on the weather outside, making changes based on the temperature. At the same time, if you want to take command of the system, you have control in the palm of your hand. For instance, you can program different scenes, such as morning time, dinner time, or away. Then, when you press a button on your smart tablet or smartphone, everything adjusts for you – the lighting controls, motorized shades, and climate control systems.


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