How to Incorporate Lighting into Your Interior Design


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Lighting is a necessity, and you may not think twice about how and where it functions in your New Orleans, Louisiana home. However, lighting is a big part of the aesthetic in your home. Interior designers often plan and design the lighting first before adding in colors and furnishings. The reason is t hat the right lighting sets the stage for a beautiful home. You may think that smart home automation is all about control and convenience, but it’s about style too. In this blog, we’ll cover the finer points on how to incorporate lighting control into your interior design.

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Interior Lighting Tips

When you hire Acadian Home Theater & Automation to install your lighting, we go above and beyond to make your home look as beautiful as possible. Our team can strategically place your lights in the right spots to not only illuminate your spaces but also highlight and complement décor.

For example, a chandelier or detailed lighting fixture hanging above your dining room table is not only a piece of art in your home, but it also provides a romantic ambiance for a meal. Dimmers help establish the right ambiance, or mood, by brightening the room for a party, or lowering it for a relaxing night in.

We can also install accent lighting around your art pieces, like sculptures and paintings, to highlight the detail in the artist's work. With our lighting control systems, you can even hit a button on your mobile device to enact specific scenes when the time is right. Having cocktails with work friends? Hit "Entertain" and the accent lighting turns on to highlight your beautiful art collection, the overhead lights dim down to mid-level for a cozy ambiance, and your front porch light stays lit as visitors approach your home. The best benefit of all is that we'll work with you every step of the process to create the right lighting scheme that works best for every room, from home theaters, kitchens, bedrooms, and more.


Exterior Lighting Tips

To create outdoor lighting that is both stylish and functional, install lights on the house and in the yard to provide enough light for you to see in the evening, and then decide where you would like to place your accent lighting. Sconces installed on the house walls could provide functional light, while stringing mason jars with lights inside gives a whimsical feel to the patio.

Install pathway lights along your walkways so you can safely navigate the backyard. We can also add these path lights to your driveway so everyone can drive up easily too. Entrance lights at the front door provide safety and security as they let the neighborhood know someone is home, and allow you to screen visitors. Our team can also tie in motion sensors to the lighting system so you are immediately alerted to activity around your home.

Accent lighting will highlight special areas of your property, like a garden, fountain, or pool. Lights can be installed on the ground level and pointed up towards a focal feature, or installed up high and directed down to imitate moonlight. String LED lights around the pool so you can take a midnight swim, and even light the pool up with bright colors for fun – like bright blue, green, or red.

String lights are also nice touch to add to an outdoor dining area, BBQ pit, dance floor or pergola. You could even make your home feel like a luxury resort by placing lights inside the pool, ponds, and trees or plants.

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