How Luma Video Surveillance Systems Deliver Ultimate Peace of Mind


Add a Greater Layer of Security to Your Home with Luma’s Cutting-Edge Technology

When many people think of video surveillance systems, they envision a few security cameras spread out throughout their property. A Luma surveillance system offers so much more than that to better protect your New Orleans, LA home. Not only do you have cameras providing crystal clear video resolution, but video recorders let you store, view and search content as needed. And with intuitive control that makes it easy to pull up what you want, you'll be able not only to protect your home but also capture vital family moments like a kid's first step or your dog's go-to napping spots when you're not there.  

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Record Quality Footage with HD Cameras

HD cameras are the foundation of Luma’s surveillance systems. Exceptional video quality is possible inside and out, with models available for any application. Through Luma's Sense-up Technology, you'll enjoy full color even in nighttime videos. Housed in sturdy enclosures, Luma cameras can survive the most challenging outdoor conditions while having built-in defenses from vandals. Aesthetics shouldn't be sacrificed for security, with sleek cameras available in various styles and colors to match your home's décor.

Access Your Footage Anywhere, Anytime

Having cameras is not enough to adequately protect your home—though they're a great deterrent for potential intruders. You also need video recorders to store the footage from those cameras, and that's where Luma stands out from the rest. Search for what you need without having to wade through hours of irrelevant footage by starting and stopping recording at pre-set times. Other surveillance systems use cloud solutions, but Luma keeps your information safe through secured local storage that stores up to months of footage.

Enjoy Seamless Control and Integration

With just the push of a button on an intuitive app, pause and rewind footage then automatically jump to a live feed. Need to share a vital piece of footage with authorities after an emergency? Take a snapshot using your app and have it automatically save to your recorder. Not only does Luma have a built-in app available on mobile and tablets, but it also integrates with the top home automation brands in the industry, including Control4. Access and review your surveillance system from the same app you use to control lighting, AV, climate and more for the ultimate convenience.

Optimize Your System with Remote Monitoring

Never worry about issues with your video surveillance technology putting your family at risk. Designed with built-in OvrC technology, all Luma video recorders and cameras can be remotely monitored by expert technicians. Not only will our technicians be able to monitor your system for any issues, but they can also troubleshoot and resolve issues before you even notice any downtime. One critical component for surveillance products is the ability to install new software updates as soon as they are available since these typically include vital security upgrades. All technicians can see is your components' status; they will not see any of your actual security footage.

Do you want to learn more about Luma video surveillance? Have one of our security and surveillance experts talk you through all the available features to figure out what type of Luma solution is the best fit for your home. Schedule a consult with our team by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. 

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