3 Benefits of Having an Integrated Conference Room Design


Create an Environment That Boosts Collaboration and Efficiency

As we adapt to a business environment featuring a hybrid workforce and global clients, conference rooms are becoming a top priority. They're a perfect place to train employees, brainstorm new services and impress new clients. Not all conference rooms are made the same, though. Outdated conference room designs may not be prepared to handle the needs of your New Orleans, LA company.

A successful conference room isn’t all about upgrading to the latest audio and video technology. Having a fully integrated system is just as important. Our conference room designs feature centralized control for a room that is adaptable and easy to use.

Provide an environment which helps your entire team succeed in the following ways.

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Quick and Standardized Training

Employees shouldn’t require an hours-long course to figure out how to use your conference room. Nor should they have to learn different systems for each conference room in your corporate office. Instead, easily train new employees with an integrated conference room that features an intuitive user interface available on room-specific touchpads or smartphones. During their initial onboarding, it only takes a few minutes to walk them through the room's features and show them how to share content, adjust lights, close shades, and conduct video conferences. This not only improves team efficiency, but it frees up your IT department to focus on more specialized tasks.

Efficiently Start and End Meetings

How often have you seen the first fifteen minutes of a meeting wasted getting the technology to work? Enhance meeting efficiency with an integrated conference room that is ready to go with a simple button. Press a “Start” button on your home screen to immediately turn on lights, displays, microphones, cameras and your collaboration software.

It’s just as easy to end a meeting through a general “Off” switch to power down the electronics in the room and close the shades. Not only does that make it easier to transition from one meeting to the next, but it also keeps you from wasting energy in an unused room.

Create a Multi-Purpose Design

During the year, your conference room serves a lot of purposes. On some days, it's a place to hold meetings with clients across the globe, while other times, it's hosting quarterly performance reviews. Optimal conference room designs let you easily adjust to the task at hand. Find the perfect settings for conference calls, training, presentations and more and save them into your system.

Then when you use the conference room for that purpose, prep with the press of a button. Having preset scenes for every meeting type means you don't have to fiddle with the technology for each application. Employ a "Presentation" scene, for example, that closes the shades, dims the lights and activates the room's wireless media sharing feature. 

Our AV experts will design a conference room solution attuned to your company's needs and budget. Reach out to set up a consultation with our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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