You’ve decided to build your dream New Orleans, LA, smart home, and you can’t wait to get the project started. As you enter the planning stages, keep an eye out for details that can be missed or misunderstood, and lead to unsatisfactory results.

In the excitement of starting such an ambitious project, make sure you’re really thinking through all the details. For example, who will ensure the distributed audio system has adequate coverage and power? Have you worked out how to coordinate the lighting and shades to save on energy costs and increase the well-being of the house? Do you know how you want to control your technology — touchscreens, a smartphone, custom keypads?

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when looking to include smart home automation in your New Orleans, LA, home.

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Failing to Budget Properly

Visions of automated luxury may be dancing in your head, but all the choices and options may seem overwhelming. Having a working budget helps to bring some perspective to the endeavor.

It may be tempting to lump all smart systems into one general budget for your home, but it is often better to break your budget down by function. Separate ledgers for automation, audio distribution, and home theater enables you to review what each system will take to accomplish.

During this stage, you can benefit greatly from the help of a professional. At Acadian, our team has vast industry and product knowledge. We can recommend quality brands and solutions that are the right fit for your budget, lifestyle, and personal preferences. With the right guidance, it’s absolutely possible to get the solutions you desire at the price points you need.

The takeaway? Budget ahead of time so that you don’t have to make sacrifices down the road from poor planning.

Relying on a Wireless Only Network

The network is the backbone of a smart home, but it is often taken for granted. While it’s true that we live in a wireless world, running hardwired cables is still a must. While developments and innovation have improved wireless transmission reliability and speed, it cannot match the reliability and security of hardwired solutions. 

Ultra high definition 4K streaming video requires a minimum 15-25Mbps to ensure your HBO Max movie or online game plays without stuttering or generating the dreaded ‘buffering’ messages. A smart home often has multiple people using connected devices simultaneously: while your spouse is watching a show in the media room, you’re flipping through a TV in the kitchen, and your son is playing a video game in his bedroom. All these devices require the same data rate each. Now add in mobile devices, other smart devices, and security needs, and a WiFi network can be quickly overwhelmed.

The takeaway? Pre-wire the house with category cable, adding WiFi where needed.

Undervaluing Lighting and shades

Lighting and shades add utility to your home, providing illumination to guide your way and privacy.  What is often overlooked is how these two components can work to save energy and improve everyone’s well-being in the house. 

Using daylighting to bring in natural light has been shown to increase alertness and improve moods. A human-centric lighting system regulates your circadian rhythm, guiding you through the day. LED luminaires supplement daylight by matching the sun’s hues and intensity while providing task lighting as needed. Your day starts with soft hues transitioning to bright and clear for the day and into warm and comforting colors at night, bringing balance. 

The sun does furnish the best light, but it also produces heat, which can tax your HVAC system. Tying motorized shades to your climate and lighting sensors enables your home to regulate the environment automatically. As the sun reaches its peak, the control processor brings down the sheers, keeping some natural light while minimizing the heat, and raises the lights.

The takeaway? Consider an advanced lighting system and motorized shades to save energy and increase vibrancy.

Not Hiring an Integrator

The biggest mistake you can make is not hiring a professional integrator to design and install the system. 

Including a smart home, the system requires considerable planning, review, and coordination between trades. As your integrator, we have long-standing relationships with builders and contractors, guaranteeing things get down correctly and on time.

A fully qualified integration company considers the whole house and your needs now and in the future. We can ensure that the interrelated systems work with each other consistently. All you need to do is enjoy the benefits a smart home brings to your lifestyle.

Make your smart home automation success with help from Acadian Home Theater & Automation. Call us at (225) 906-2589 or fill out our online contact form to request a no-obligation consultation.

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