How to Take Climate Control Beyond Temperature Management


Enhance Your Health and Comfort with Smart Climate Control

During the hot, muggy Baton Rouge summers, your thermostat is your home's best friend. Smart thermostats from Control4 help to anticipate your needs, so you're always met with the perfect temperature when you wake up or return from a long day at work. Having a climate control solution integrated into your home automation, though, involves a lot more than just a thermostat that knows your favorite temperature settings.

According to the EPA, 96 percent of homes deal with air quality issues, and as we spend more time indoors, it's vital to address this risk to your family's health. Use your climate control to improve your overall health by having it actively improve your air quality through event-based air cleaning, ventilation and dehumidification. 

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Managing Your Home’s Humidity

Humidity in the summer months constantly stays above 60% in Baton Rouge. Integrating a dehumidifier as part of your climate control will improve your family’s comfort and health while also preserving your space. Humidity hurts wood flooring, artwork, and even vital electronic equipment.

Manually adjust dehumidification using your on-wall thermostat, tablet, or mobile app until you find the ideal setting where the home doesn’t feel muggy or smell moldy. Once you find your perfect settings, program them into your system to ensure optimal comfort every day.  


Improving Your Overall Air Quality

It’s also possible to use your climate control system to improve your overall air quality through air cleaning and ventilation. Ventilation and purification will reduce allergens, toxins, bacteria and even viruses in your home. Through integrated control, it's easy to engage different Control4 features to design a healthier living space.

Control4’s climate control features include event-based air cleaning modes. Opt for a constant clean that optimizes air cleaning throughout the day, an automatic mode that runs the air cleaner every 30 minutes, an event-based clean that runs for three hours, or an allergies mode that runs for 24 hours during peak allergy season.

The Fresh Air mode is all about setting a ventilation strategy. Here you have three different methods that you can engage depending on outdoor conditions. Enjoy a crisp, low-humidity day with 24-hour ventilation that regularly lets that cold winter air flow into the house. For those summer 90% humidity days, turn off ventilation and only engage 3-hour cycles when fresh air is needed—like after a particularly smoky cooking session.


Stay on Top of Your Air Quality

As part of your climate control installation, you can also receive ongoing reports about your home's air quality. Receive notifications any time humidity or air quality levels are off and not only adjust your settings but try and isolate what may be causing these issues, whether it's weather conditions outdoors or activities within the house.


Want to learn more about the ways climate control helps create the ideal home environment? Our experts will find the perfect solutions to meet your family's unique needs. Just set up a meeting with our team by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.  

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