Why Is an Enterprise-Grade Network Vital for Your Home?

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Enjoy Greater Adaptability, Scalability, and Security from Your Home Networking 

Have you ever heard of an enterprise-grade network? For the most part, businesses use these to connect many people and devices as part of their daily workflow. This requires a robust system able to manage network traffic seamlessly. In recent years, more and more people are adding them to their homes as well. 

Ever experience lagging during important business calls or worry about your privacy when you hear about highly publicized cyber security breaches? Reduce your fears and improve your day-to-day by upgrading the home networking in your New Orleans, LA, home. 

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Though people often focus on things like speed and security during home networking installations, adaptability is just as important. As opposed to the static networks of the past, today's systems need to be dynamic. A network should adapt to your needs, from watching movies on the weekends to holding important conference calls for work on Monday. 

How does an enterprise-grade network accomplish this? There are two ways you want your network to adapt, and they both have to do with traffic. One is virtualization, which sets up subnetworks that you can prioritize during busy periods. The other, facilitated through Wi-Fi 6, is signal prioritization. The network ignores 'noise' in the area to focus on devices labeled as part of your network. 


Home networking demands increase over time, so you must have a scalable network that grows with you. Whether adding devices or expanding the signal to other areas, getting your network signal where you need it should be easy. 

How are enterprise-grade networks more scalable? Unlike many standard networks, they don't rely solely on one router. Instead, we'll install high-bandwidth routers, network switches, and access points that let us expand your signal's reach. Network switches direct traffic to more devices without relying on Wi-Fi, while access points boost your wireless signal to even outdoor spaces like your pool or patio. 


Cyber security is one of our clients' biggest concerns when installing smart devices. We understand why they're weary about any third parties getting access, particularly for components like their security cameras. That's why we install enterprise-grade networks that prioritize security above everything else. 

There are a few key ways our networks bolster your cyber security. For one, we use only high-end equipment that includes top-of-the-line encryption and firewall protocols. On top of that, we create virtual subnetworks (dedicated to your security, cameras, etc.) so that if one area is compromised, the others remain safe. Finally, our remote monitoring team pushes upgrades instantly to ensure you get the latest security patches and keeps an eye out for any potential breaches.  

Networks are now the backbone of the home. This means enterprise-grade networks are needed to meet current demands. To get one installed, contact our networking experts for a one-on-one consultation by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below. 

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