4 Reasons You Should Consider Outdoor Motorized Shades


Take Control of Heat, Pests, Sunlight, and More with Easy-to-Manage Shades

When people think of motorized shades, they often think of adding roller shades to their media room, bathrooms and bedrooms. Motorized shades, however, are equally vital to outdoor environments—especially in homes dealing with the hot Florida weather. It’s easy to boast beautiful year-round weather in the Sunshine State, where the unofficial state motto is, “We live where you vacation.”

Realistically, due to a combination of heat, storms and bugs, Tampa locals avoid their outdoor spaces during many months of the year. Enjoying those outdoor spaces at any time isn't out of the question, though, if you add motorized shades. Below are some of the reasons we think this is a must-have addition for our Florida clients.

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Alleviate the Sun & Heat

The oppressive heat and humidity mean outdoor spaces are out of the question during the summer. However, outdoor shades are a great tool in keeping out the heat so you can enjoy the patio any time you want. You can pull down the shades when you're ready to go out or schedule them to come down a few hours before your gathering to let the room cool before guests arrive. This will also ensure that outdoor furniture isn't too hot to handle when you want to use it. Aside from blocking the heat, the shades will keep away glare for added comfort and shield your furnishings from harmful UV rays that can cause discoloration.

Keep Away the Pests

Another reason that many of our clients avoid the outdoors is those pesky pests. If you're one of those people that attract mosquitoes, you could end a nice afternoon outing with your legs and arms covered in bites; not to mention them hovering over your food if you try and dine outdoors. Our outdoor motorized shades include tight seals when closed so that no bugs get in. While tiki torches may be a more aesthetically pleasing option, this is the one surefire way to keep bugs at bay. Focus on your time with friends and family, not swatting away at mosquitoes.

Be Prepared for Storms

Florida may be known as the Sunshine state, but we locals know better. Those afternoon storms can swoop in out of nowhere and leave everyone in their path drenched. There’s no easier way to end an outdoor gathering. Manage motorized shades remotely, so you don't have to brave the wind and water to close them when storms creep in. Instead, at the press of a button on your Control4 app or keypad, your patio transforms into another indoor room you can enjoy no matter the outdoor conditions. 

Want an easy way to enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round? Outdoor motorized shades foster a multi-purpose environment that lets you enjoy the heat and view when you’re in the mood, while allowing for a more cozy, comfortable experience when needed. Call us, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below to learn more about our shading and smart technology solutions.

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