Whole-Home Audio Video: Entertainment In Every Room


Access Movies, Music, and More Seamlessly with a Multi-Room AV System

Why limit yourself to one room when you want to listen to music or watch a movie? Enjoy convenient access to your home audio-video system no matter where you are in your Lafayette, LA, home. Start a movie in one room and finish it in another. Walk around your house – inside and out – while enjoying a playlist through your whole-house audio system. With a multi-room AV system, you experience the ultimate in immersive home entertainment.

No matter the size of your home or the complexity of the project, Acadian Home Theater & Automation can help with all your home AV needs. Read more to see how a whole-home system adds more enjoyment to your life.

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Make Music an Integral Part of Your Life

In a study conducted by Nielsen, they found that 90% of the US population listens to music. Chances are, you are one of them! Music is all around us, and it enriches our lives. A large portion of music listening comes from audio streaming. In fact, in 2019, music streams surpassed 1 trillion. Whether you enjoy streaming music through your earbuds or listening to songs the old-fashioned way with CDs or even records, a whole-audio system can enhance your experience.

A home sound system that’s integrated with your smart home gives you the ability to send music to every room in your house or just select rooms. You can create playlists for different areas in your home, such as the pool deck, living room, or media room. While you’re enjoying the oldies in one room, the other family members can listen to the greatest hits in another area of the house. Access the songs in your media database or listen to music from a streaming platform. You’re never limited when you have a whole-home sound system.

Also, the sound will blow you away! When it comes to speakers, there are so many excellent products available: invisible speakers, in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, and of course, hi-fi speakers from makers like Sonus Faber. You’ll have a true surround-sound experience with audio quality that can’t be beaten.

4K Video Throughout Your Home

You love your home theater, but you’d rather not pause the movie if you need to step away. With a whole-home audio video, you won’t have to! Whether you’re going to the kitchen, outside, or even to the bathroom, you can still watch the movie, TV show, or game without missing a beat. When you have 4K TVs in every room, you’ll enjoy vivid displays and hi-fi audio to match. At the same time, your smart tablet or smartphone lets your control the system from any room. Adjust the volume, pause the video, rewind, or fast forward with the touch of a button.

The beauty of a whole-home AV system is its versatility. Much like an audio system, you can send different videos to different parts of your home. For instance, in your outdoor AV system, people can watch the big game. Inside, others can enjoy a new movie release in the home theater with the “overflow” crowd watching the same movie in the living room.


Would you like to learn more about installing a whole-home audio video system? Call Acadian Home Theater & Automation at (225) 906-2589 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to helping you add more entertainment to your life.

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