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Whether you are in Mandeville or away, your home will be protected

There are few things more important than your home's security. One should feel confident that their property is protected while they are away. You can always visually monitor your home with surveillance cameras. Whether you’re on vacation or at work, relax knowing that your property is protected. For the utmost security, your surveillance cameras must be installed in the proper locations. Continue reading to learn three places you need to install cameras in your video surveillance system in Mandeville, LA.





The first place that you should place security cameras in your home is in the doorways. Doors are the most common way that criminals enter homes. About 34% of burglars enter their targets through the front door. Place your camera high on the wall (about nine feet up) so criminals cannot try to knock it down. Another option is to cover it with wiring so that it cannot be damaged. About 22% of robbers enter their victim’s home through the back door. Place a camera at every entrance to your home, including the garage door, to deter criminals and record any potential suspects.


The second most common entry point for potential burglars is through a window. Approximately 23% of criminals will enter a home through a window out of view of the street. Pay special attention to areas out of sight of passing neighbors because they make easier targets for entry. Direct cameras toward windows and potential entryways that face away from popular areas. Make sure that your cameras are waterproof so that they can withstand any harsh weather conditions and that it has night vision so that it can record in darkness.


Another strategic place to install a camera is in your driveway. Install an outdoor camera that has a full view of your driveway so that you can protect your vehicles from theft or damage. It can also help you to spot any criminals canvassing your home from the street, or even catch their vehicle’s make and license plate number if the perpetrator accesses your home from a car. Some criminals also try to enter a home through the garage door, so a visible camera will help to deter any that might try to access through this entry-point.

 Are you interested in upgrading your home security system to ensure that your home is protected? The experts at Acadian will analyze your home’s primary needs and vulnerabilities to come up with a custom solution. Call us at 225-906-2589, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below to get started on your project.

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