5 Essential Things to Consider in Your Home Theater Design



Ensure the Best Viewing Experience with a Design Addressing Your Unique Needs

Not everything in your home theater comes down to the quality of your speakers and display. Your overall home theater design is just as vital. A clear plan when it comes to screen size, sources, and speaker layout will result in better quality from each of your components.

But what makes for a good home theater design? Even though there are some standards all installers follow, it will ultimately come down to your unique needs and limitations.  If you’re looking to upgrade your theater or start a new one from scratch in your Lafayette, LA home, you want to address each of the questions below when getting started.

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Where Should You Install Your Theater?

Location is the most crucial part of your home theater design. Everything from ceiling height to windows could affect the rest of your installation. We recommend a rectangular room with no windows and low ceilings. Soft flooring, walls and decorations will also improve your theater’s sound quality. If you can’t meet these exact specifications, there is technology to counteract most issues. Install motorized shades to offset ambient light, acoustic treatments to keep sound from bouncing around, or short-throw projectors in spaces with high ceilings.

How Big Should Your Screen Be?

The wrong size screen is the one mistake we see most often. Usually, the issue isn't the screen being too small—that's usually easy for homeowners to notice right away. In most cases, the problem is that people want to go as big as possible. Screens that are too big, though, will cause eye and neck strain. The image also risks being pixelated when you sit too close to it. Screen size should be gauged based on how far you sit from the screen. Your home theater seating distance should be 1.5 times the size of the screen. Have a seating distance of 9 feet (108 inches)? Employ a display that is at most 6 feet (72 inches) diagonally.

How Many Speakers Should You Have?

Every home theater design should use Dolby Atmos surround sound. Dolby Atmos creates a full 3-D sound experience and requires speakers in front, behind, and above the viewer. These setups usually include seven or more speakers, though soundbar options are available for smaller spaces. Let an audio expert figure out the ideal amount based on the size of the room and your listening preferences.

What Do You Want to Watch?

Are you a movie buff or sports fanatic? Most people use their dedicated home theaters for a wide array of purposes. Be sure to tell your installer precisely what you want to watch. Although the best home theater designs are scalable, so it's easy to add features down the line, it's best always to have everything you need from the start. Add all your favorite entertainment components, including Blu-ray, streaming, media libraries, and gaming consoles.

How to Control It All

No home theater is complete without an intuitive control solution, as well. Even the best audiovisuals can't make up for a lousy user experience. Naturally pull up what you want to watch, adjust volume, dim lights, and lower the thermostat from one device with the help of one of our smart home partners. Though most of our clients like using traditional remotes, you can also use dedicated touchpads, mobile apps or voice commands to manage your theater experience.

  Are you ready to bask in a home theater designed to match your unique preferences and limitations? Call us at (225) 906.2589, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to talk with one of our home theater experts.

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