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Discover How a Multi-Room AV System Elevates Your Lifestyle

Home entertainment begins and ends with a quality AV system. In a bygone era, all a family needed was a radio or black and white TV to keep everyone entertained. Now, much has changed. Homeowners have TVs in every room, watch programs on their phones, and stream audio through their earbuds. And yet, it can be even better.

A multi-room audio-video system allows you to listen to the same music wherever you go in your home. Also, if you’re watching a TV program in one room, you don’t need to pause it when you visit the kitchen for a snack. It’s playing in there as well. Read our blog to see how an audio-video distribution system in your New Orleans, LA, home adds more luxury to your life.

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The Only Way to Watch TV

As much as you’d love to lounge uninterrupted in your home theater, it’s not always easy to sit still. If you want to check on a loved one, stretch your legs, or get refreshments in the kitchen, you’ll need to pause the movie. It’s even more challenging if you’re hosting a party. With everyone gathered around the TV, nobody wants to step away and miss the big play of the game.

With a distributed audio-video system, you solve the problem. It’s easy to go anywhere in your home without missing the crucial play, the climax of a movie, or a hilarious moment in your favorite TV show. The program is distributed in every room with a television, whether you’re streaming or watching a movie from your media server. Imagine that! Being able to enjoy the same program on every 4K TV in your house – and never miss a second of it!

The other good news is this: With a distributed video system, the essential equipment is out of sight. That means no cords, wires, or exposed electronics. Everything is hidden on a media rack in a dedicated area. It’s the most sophisticated and seamless way to enjoy TV in your smart home.

Hi-Fi Sound in Every Room

Listening to music enriches your life and even keeps you going throughout the day. Instead of attaching yourself to earbuds, using your TV to listen to music, or confining yourself to a media room, we have a better idea. A distributed audio and speaker system elevates your music-listening experience, filling your entire home with hi-fi sound – from the living room and home theater to the bedrooms and outdoor spaces.

Guests no longer feel confined to one room where the music is playing. Whether they are congregating outside on the patio, mixing and mingling on the pool deck, or reclining with cocktails on the couch, they’ll hear the same songs wherever they go.

Creating AV Zones for Your Home

In addition, with a multi-channel AV system, you can play different songs and programs in different zones throughout your home. For instance, in the living room and outdoor areas, some of your guests may want to watch the big game. However, in the home theater and family room, other guests would rather enjoy the latest movie. It’s easy to do with a distributed system. And in the playroom, your children and their friends want to listen to the popular Disney songs.

With an audio-video distribution system, you’ve got everything under your control. Your smart home tablet or app lets you change the songs and programs, adjust the volume, and pause the music or movie with the touch of a button.


Improve your home entertainment experience with a robust home distributed audio-video system. Call Acadian Home Theater & Automation or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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