3 Key Home Networking Areas to Improve


Add Greater Reliability by Focusing on Coverage, Bandwidth and Security

Want to give your home networking a boost to meet growing demands caused by smart home devices along with working and schooling from home? Though an improved network is an easy goal, it’s hard to know where to focus your efforts.

While it's tempting to call up your internet service provider to complain, the signal entering your home is not always the problem. It’s often what you do with it once you receive it. Networking experts will set up your system to improve your connection in three important ways: coverage, bandwidth and security.

The result is a fast, reliable network prepared to handle all the needs of your Tampa, FL, home. Keep reading to find out how we address each.

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Having a reliable signal throughout your house should be the priority. Each of our projects start with extensive heat maps to address any dead spots on your property—indoors and out. As part of our installation, there are a few ways we upgrade your network to extend your coverage. First, we place your router in a central location and nearest to your highest traffic areas (media rooms, home offices, etc.). We then use switches and wired access points to extend the signal throughout your house.


You should install enterprise-grade equipment compatible with the latest WiFi-6 protocol to broaden your network bandwidth. This protocol reduces Wi-Fi leeches from nearby properties since you can direct your router to only send its signal to certain devices. Meanwhile, dual-bandwidth routers also include multiple Wi-Fi channels, allowing you to divide up traffic strategically to avoid logjams and delays.

Develop prioritization settings to let your system know when to free up space for bandwidth-hungry applications like streaming. Above all, rely on your hardwired connections as much as possible. Our network switches to let you connect additional devices directly to your router to free up Wi-Fi for applications that require wireless connectivity.  


We include service plans that let us remotely manage and monitor your network. Not only do we address any service interruptions, but we also immediately install any software upgrades. This is vital to your cyber security as these often include security patches addressing device vulnerabilities. WiFi-6 also includes additional encryptions to protect your information. We also create dedicated VPNs for your more vulnerable technology—like security cameras—to ensure a breach to one device does not affect your entire network.   

Do you want a network which has your back no matter what? Now is the perfect time to work with a professional to upgrade your home networking. Our team of experts can design a system tailor-made to meet your needs. To get started, give us a call, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below.

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