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Palladiom: The Go-To Motorized Shades for Luxury Homes

Deploy Shades That Simultaneously Boost Your Lifestyle and Décor

Motorized shades have been at the heart of Lutron’s lighting control solutions since 1993. Beyond their whisper-quiet operations, their shades have always stood out for their unique style and sophistication. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their flagship line designed as the ultimate meeting point between form and function.

The Palladiom shading system excels in design, engineering and control. Elegance is at the heart of Palladiom, with technology beautiful enough to be featured throughout the home. With both wireless and wired solutions, you can incorporate the shades in conjunction with sleek thermostats and keypads throughout your New Orleans, LA home.

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Designed for Grace and Functionality

Palladiom shades rely on level, uniform lines to create a sophisticated design aesthetic throughout the home. They accomplish this through a slender, balanced bottom rail and Lutron's Intelligent Hembar Alignment. Shades remain taut and straight in all positions and move in unison to maintain a uniform look throughout the space. In addition, the 2-inch carbon fiber tube used in the rail allows for optimal strength and reliability while maintaining a slim profile—even in windows as big as 12 feet by 12 feet!

 Made Perfect Through Trademark Brackets

Place the shades in walls, ceilings or jambs with aluminum unibody brackets that blend into a wide range of architectural forms. These brackets allow for installation without a fascia, pocket or recess. Jamb brackets are a popular option for clients, as they make Palladiom shades look as if they’re floating in midair. These brackets will fit perfectly into any design aesthetic with finishes available in satin nickel, black anodized, clear anodized, brass satin graphite, and pure white finishes.

Integrated Within the HomeWorks Ecosystem

Control your motorized shades through Palladiom keypads available as part of your HomeWorks installation. These keypads are the most elegant line Lutron offers, with glass, matte and metallic finishes. Choose from architectural and international style wall plates featuring 2-4 buttons, all custom engraved to match your tailormade control options. Surface-mounted and featuring adjustable backlighting brightness, these keypads are designed to complement any décor or lifestyle.

Are you interested in adding climate control? Extend the same aesthetic through the Palladiom thermostat. It offers nonobtrusive temperature management for your luxury home at just 4x4 inches and less than 10 mm thick. Choose from twenty different colors for a cohesive design with backlighting and LED displays that allow easy control and view of heating and cooling settings. 

Have the ultimate control of natural lighting while integrating stylistic elements throughout your home. Explore the many fabric, model and installation options available to you through Palladiom’s wired and wireless systems. Schedule a meeting with one of our shading experts by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. We’d love to help!

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