How to Boost Your Business’ Productivity with Smart Lighting

Lighting Plays a Vital Role in Employee Morale and Efficiency

Designing a successful office space is all about finding every way possible to improve your employees’ efficiency, morale and productivity. Every day there's an innovation promising to revolutionize office design, whether it's an open workspace, standing desks, or fitness centers. It's a focus mostly on real estate rather than the environment that results in missing the obvious. As companies try to think outside the box, they often ignore one vital component: lighting.

During your office design, it's essential to consider what kind of lighting you're providing for your staff. Using inadequate lighting can result in fatigue, discomfort, and overall discontent. A lighting control solution in your Baton Rouge, LA space needs to be able to meet all your employee's needs without resulting in high energy bills.

Solutions that let you efficiently manage artificial and natural light will result in happier, more efficient employees and improved productivity for your business.

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Enhancing Your Artificial Lighting

According to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, an improved lighting control system results in less absenteeism, better product quality and less turnover within your company. Having the ability to manage lights through dedicated touchpads, sensors and timers will significantly affect your employee productivity while cutting down on energy bills.

The key is embracing human-centric lighting. Don’t force employees to deal with one-tone light all day. Manage lighting color and intensity throughout the day to regulate their circadian rhythms and improve their overall well-being—resulting in less sick days.

Integrate additional settings for learning, presentations, and focus that you can pull up at any time from a dedicated touchpad, mobile app or on-wall keypad. Add sensors to automatically turn on lights in empty rooms, so employees never had to deal with uncomfortable darkness. Next, incorporate timers that turn lights off in unused rooms to reduce energy waste.

The Perks of Natural Lighting

How are you going to manage natural light in your office? A 2018 study by Future Workplace found that the most favored attribute in an office space wasn't a gym or cafeteria. Natural light and access to windows was the most popular demand. More than a third of employees said they didn't receive enough natural light resulting in fatigue and gloominess.

Providing more natural light to your employees is easy in theory: add more windows. But in the hottest months of the year, these windows make your space unbearably hot and result in sky-high energy bills trying to cool it back down. Usually, more lighting sources also mean more glare, which causes eye strain and headaches.

Natural light is unpredictable and hard to manage— unless you have motorized shades. During the hottest parts of the day, these shades automatically close to keep out heat. Sensors also close shades when hit directly by sunlight to reduce glare throughout the office. Fixtures then turn on, so employees never have to deal with a moment of darkness.

Do you want to boost your employee well-being and performance through smart lighting control? To get started on your journey to greater efficiency and profitability, give us a call at 225.906.2589, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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