Improve Smart Home Automation with Nano device in white finish installed on a vertical surface.

Acadian Brings This Game-Changing Voice Assistant to Floridians’ Homes

Hands-free voice-assisted smart home automation is transforming how Floridians interact with their homes. By leveraging systems like, you can control lighting, indoor climate, and entertainment with a few simple voice commands. goes beyond reacting to voice commands, though. It’s an intuitive, AI-smart platform that respects your personal data while enhancing every technology interaction on your Tampa-area property.

Explore the top benefits of personalizing your smart home with Josh, the voice assistant that makes daily routines easier and more enjoyable in the Sunshine City.

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Fast and Intuitive Setup is celebrated as the industry’s fastest control system to deploy. The system significantly reduces configuration time with features like auto-discovery of partner products. Once deployed, a Josh Micro or Core instantly connects to the local network and detects compatible devices to streamline the setup process. 

You can begin interacting with your smart home through the Josh App and voice commands within seconds, making it one of the most user-friendly systems on the market today.

The Josh App: Command Center at Your Fingertips

Don’t think of the Josh App as a remote control—it's a comprehensive platform that enhances the way you and your family interact with your smart home. This robust app allows users to receive proactive recommendations, monitor device states, check chat history, customize scenes, and control everything remotely.

The Josh App’s interactive home page offers two-way feedback, displays active devices, logs recent requests, and even suggests commands, all laid out in an elegant interface that includes quick access to accounts, dashboards, devices, rooms, and scenes. This level of detailed control and customization ensures that every interaction with your smart home is as enjoyable as it is efficient.

Futuristic Living Brought to You by and Acadian

The brand aims to transform people's lives using cutting-edge AI, machine learning, and intuitive design. This vision is brought to life through our team’s expert system design and installation, ensuring each system perfectly integrates into your daily routines for a level of automation that feels like a natural extension of your lifestyle.

Seamless Integration and Elegant Design

While smart home devices should work well, they help the aesthetic look of your home if they complement your decor or blend in completely while doing it. The devices are discreet yet powerful.

This seamless integration extends to how interacts with existing smart home products, from lighting and shades to climate control and multimedia systems, creating a cohesive, user-friendly experience.

Proactive and Personalized Assistance

Beyond simple command and control, offers proactive assistance to keep your home secure and responsive. It configures alerts for security issues or unexpected activity, providing you and your family peace of mind whether at home or away. This proactive approach, combined with the system’s ability to learn and adapt to lifestyle preferences, sets apart as a leader in personalized home automation.


Ready to enrich your living spaces with intuitive technology upgrades? Connect with our team here to start exploring the possibilities for your Tampa smart home!


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