Yes, Whole-Home Connectivity Is Possible: Home Networking Solutions


How to Bring Strong, Speedy Connections to All Your Devices   

Nowadays, having a strong internet connection at home is just as essential as electricity. Yet we’ve all experienced certain areas of our homes that hardly receive a Wi-Fi signal—and if they do, it can leave a lot to be desired. 

Poor network connections catch us in many scenarios. Maybe it’s the frozen Zoom call during an important meeting in your home office or a blurry movie you’re trying to stream on Netflix. 

Whatever is causing your frustration, you don’t have to live with poor network connections forever. With new home networking solutions, you can upgrade your struggling router to a system that keeps every room connected. Here’s what you’ll need for your home in the Tampa, FL, area. 

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Examining Your Current Home Network 

So, what seems to be the problem here? The first signs a home network needs help are slow speeds, latency while streaming or gaming, and Wi-Fi dead zones. Dead zones are typically found in areas far from your router that receive a very weak signal—or no signal at all. 

What causes these issues? Several factors commonly disrupt wireless networks, including: 

  • Large homes with only one router covering many rooms 
  • Stone, concrete, and brick walls 
  • Overburdening with too many users 
  • Using many IoT smart devices
  • Using outdated routers or access points 
  • Interfering frequencies from microwaves, baby monitors, and satellite dishes 

Wi-Fi often can’t break through dense materials or travel far enough to reach all areas of your home. In these cases, it’s wise to expand your wireless network or implement wired solutions. 

Fixing Problematic Home Networks 

We know there’s something wrong, so how can we fix it? No two home networks are the same, and it helps to have a professional visit your home to assess the problem and prescribe a correct solution. 

However, there are two common fixes for unreliable networks. 

Expand Wireless Connections 

Installing wireless access points will rebroadcast your router signal to extend Wi-Fi to new areas. If you’re still using old hardware, it’s worth upgrading to the latest Wi-Fi 6 routers, which can communicate with more devices simultaneously at much faster speeds. 

Incorporate Wired Connections 

Wired? We know, we know—that sounds absolutely archaic in the wireless age of Airpods and Bluetooth speakers. But wired internet is still going strong and is typically the best solution for areas that absolutely need a reliable internet signal. 

If your home office or basement home theater struggles to receive Wi-Fi, why bother? You can connect your computer, home theater, speaker system, surveillance cameras, and more to the network via Ethernet cables. This way, you can count on always having strong, steady network connections. 

We aren’t asking you to go back to the age of wired only. However, a hybrid network that combines Wi-Fi and wired connections often leads to the most satisfaction. 

Need Home Networking Support? 

You don’t have to attempt a network upgrade on your own. Acadian is here to help. We install custom home network solutions in homes in Tampa and surrounding areas. We also provide remote support to troubleshoot network issues, fixing them speedily without any need for a service call. 

Contact us here to get started today!

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