What Should You Listen to with Your Whole Home Audio?

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Create the Perfect Soundtrack for Any Activity in Your Home 

How often do you sit in your home in complete silence? It may be necessary after a particularly rough day at work or a tough time getting the kids to sleep. But, for the most part, people like to have a little distraction. It’s usually in the form of background audio, whether leaving a news show on in the living room or having some music playing in the kitchen. 

That is why our whole home audio solutions are so popular among our clients throughout Tampa, FL. At the press of a button, they can get any source –music, podcast, or sports broadcast–playing in any room. 

We give our clients access to so many possibilities they end up with the opposite problem: how to choose from all the choices in the palm of their hand. We figured we’d help out with some recommendations for some everyday activities. 

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For Working Out 

While everyone has their go-tos for workout playlists, we recommend adding songs at 120 Beats Per Minute (the preferred heart rate when running). Most streaming services have curated playlists with songs meeting that parameter. One of our favorites is “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. 

For Preparing Dinner 

We’re big fans of using cooking times for catching up on old podcast episodes. It’s a great way to make cooking enjoyable, and with our whole home audio solutions, you can pause using voice commands when your hands are dirty. Have some extra fun with food-inspired podcasts like “Comfort Eating with Grace Dent” or “The Sporkful.” 

For Getting Work Done 

Multiple studies have shown that classical music helps with concentration and relaxation. Schedule a classical playlist to play through your dining room’s in-ceiling speakers while the kids do homework or have it ready to go when they need to study for an upcoming exam. That same classical music could be helpful in the home office if you have a demanding project coming up. 

For Dedicated Listening 

One of the cool things about whole home audio is how it ties into other dedicated music systems. Pull up your favorite recordings on the hi-fi setup in the living room from the same device you use to play music through in-ceiling speakers in the kitchen. Like with working out, all audiophiles have their favorites, but the pianist Joey Alexander is one artist we love to demo in our showroom. 


Get the music you want when you want it with whole-home audio. Whether you need greater inspiration when working out or want to put your hi-fi setup to the test, we recommend a professionally installed system from Acadian Home Theater and Automation. Schedule a consultation with our team by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting below.

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