McIntosh Brings Your High-End Audio to the Digital Era

Close up of the McIntosh MA12000 integrated amplifier featuring a blue digital display.

Enhance Your Hi-Fi Setup With McIntosh’s MA12000 Integrated Amplifier 

Like most audiophiles, we believe analog is king when it comes to high-end audio. But embracing the supremacy of analog doesn’t mean putting up with subpar performance when it comes to your digital collection. Some of our favorite audio manufacturers know this and have invested time and money in developing solutions catering to both options. 

McIntosh’s MA1200 is the brand’s most powerful integrated amplifier, designed as an all-in-one option for discerning listeners. It’s not just the 350 watts per channel that makes this a go-to choice for the modern audiophile. Explore why we recommend this amplifier to our New Orleans, LA, clients below. 

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Embrace the Best of Both Worlds

The battle between solid-state and vacuum tubes has raged for decades in the hi-fi world. Hybrid Drive technology from McIntosh offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy superior sound quality with a hybrid design consisting of a preamplifier powered by vacuum tubes and a power amplifier with a solid-state design. 

Let Analog Recordings Shine 

The MA1200 is still a great option if you want to stick with your traditional recordings, offering ten analog inputs, including moving coil and magnet inputs for turntables. All analog connectors are reinforced with gold-plated solid brass for improved handling and grounding, and photo inputs allow for fine-tuning until you find your ideal sonic tone. 

Bring the Best Out of Your Digital Audio 

What brings the MA1200 into the 21st century are its digital capabilities. High-resolution digital audio playback comes courtesy of the company’s DA2 Digital Module. With a built-in 8-channel, 32-bit Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), it decodes music up to 24-bit/192kHz while delivering supreme dynamic range and negligible distortion. Connect your digital sources through coaxial, optical, USB, or HDMI Arc connections. 

Get Equipment That Will Last for Decades

One of the hallmarks of a great high-end audio product is that it should last your entire lifetime. You can easily replace the DA2 module with newer models as they come out. Overall, the amplifier features PowerGuard and Sentry Monitor technology, protecting the equipment from excessive currents and over-driving. The company also uses advanced output transistors to reduce warm-up time and cool the component. 

Do You Want to Go the Separates Route?

For audiophiles who don’t think an integrated amplifier’s convenience is worth it, McIntosh also offers its DA2 module in its C53 and C2700 preamplifiers. You can build your high-end audio setup using separates while retaining great digital sound. 

Are you interested in adding audiophile-grade quality to your digital music collection? Schedule a meeting with our team to demo McIntosh’s top high-end products. Call us, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below to connect with our audio experts. 

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