Bring Incredible Music and Entertainment to Your Outdoor Spaces

An open-air concept with an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area with a TV and in-ceiling speakers.

The Latest Outdoor Audio Systems Redefine What’s Possible in Outdoor Entertainment

Many may not remember the days when outdoor audio consisted of portable radios or CD players. These days, many people have turned to Bluetooth speakers or one-directional under-eave speakers to deliver music to their outdoor areas. While these certainly suffice, they are a far cry from today’s outdoor audio systems that bring high-fidelity sound throughout your yard - whether it's an expansive estate with gardens, pathways, and water features or a smaller area with a patio and pool.

Let’s explore the makings of a high-performance outdoor audio system for your Tampa, FL, home.

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What Makes for a Superior Home Networking Experience?

Two young kids in jeans and button down shorts standing in the living room while holding Nintendo Wii remotes and aiming them at the screen.

How Our Networking Specialists Go Beyond the Basics to Provide a Seamless Networking Experience 

Many people think the primary way to improve their home networking is to upgrade their router and run more ethernet cables. Valuable as these are to your network foundation, it takes an expert's touch to take your connection to the next level. 

At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we offer enterprise-grade routers with unrivaled speeds and bandwidth and pair them with whole-home prewriting to reduce your dependence on wireless signals. Leveraging our team of experts and years of experience is just as crucial to ensuring the ultimate performance out of the network in your Tampa, FL, home. 

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Extend Your Living Spaces with an Outdoor Entertainment Area

A home’s backyard with a pool, spa, and outdoor TV.

Get Ready to Enjoy Music and Movies in a Brand New Way

While it may seem like winter just arrived, spring is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to consider your outdoor areas. Many of our clients in the New Orleans, LA, region are revamping their patios and backyards by bringing their favorite indoor audio/video solutions to the great outdoors. 

These outdoor entertainment areas rival their indoor equivalents in performance and are crafted to withstand whatever Mother Nature has to toss at them. Thanks to today's technology, you can experience crystal-clear images and surround sound once relegated solely to your indoor living spaces. Then add the latest landscape and patio lighting, and you’ll have an entertainment mecca. Keep reading below to explore how you can craft the perfect hangout spot for year-round fun.

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Explore the Incredible Features of Home Lighting Control

A living area with numerous light fixtures and soft accent ceiling lighting

Enjoy the Beauty and Convenience of Smart Home Lighting

Home automation is all about convenience, security, and an ease of living that was once unimaginable. And one of the most exciting features of today’s smart home systems is home lighting control

This system is effortless to manage while enhancing a home’s design and reducing clutter. It can also integrate with your other connected systems, allowing you to touch one button to change the lights, adjust the shades, and with another button, adjust the music.

Let’s explore this remarkable lighting technology and how it’s transforming homes in Covington, LA.

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Enhance Home Entertainment with High-End Speakers from McIntosh

A high-end speaker setup with McIntosh speakers and turntable.

McIntosh Speakers for Every Listener

When listening to your favorite artist or album, it’s natural to want the best quality of music possible. Poor-quality speakers can ruin the song by blurring the details and not preserving the integrity of the instruments and vocals. You want to hear music exactly how the artist intended, which is why a good speaker system is crucial.

For over 50 years, the McIntosh team has been dedicated to creating the best speakers. They are constantly working to raise the bar in audio reproduction with the goal of creating a speaker capable of reproducing a musical performance as accurately as possible. High-end speakers from McIntosh are bound to please every music lover, from the casual listener to the dedicated audiophile. Keep reading to see what products McIntosh have to offer and what might fit in your New Orleans, LA, home.

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