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How Better Lighting Leads to Improved Wellness


New technology adds health benefits to lighting control systems

In conversations with our clients about lighting control or smart home technology in Mandeville, LA,, we encounter numerous reasons they're interested in it. Each family has a different priority, whether it's greater comfort, safety or style. Very few ever cite wellness among the top.

But during the past decade, the links between technology and wellness have strengthened. As this link becomes more widespread, we expect to see a lot more health-conscious clients inquiring about lighting control and smart homes in general.

First, it's important to explain precisely how health and home technology go hand-in-hand. The partnership primarily centers around the concept of biophilia, which is all about bringing us closer to natural stimuli even when indoors.

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5 Major Assets of a Multi-Room Audio System


Enjoy Greater Entertainment, Health and Safety with a Control4 Audio System

How do you typically integrate audio and video into your day? Do you listen to music when you get home  to relax after work? Do you like to hunker down with friends on the weekend to watch the Saints and LSU play?

We all integrate entertainment differently into our homes. Sometimes due to our personal preferences, but a lot of times, it has to do with ease-of-use as well. If it's hard to access your music, movies and shows, then it's no surprise if they don't become a mainstay in your daily routines.

Unleash the full potential of your home’s audiovisuals with a multi-room av solution that makes it easy to access what you need at the press of a button. Explore some of the unique ways you could put this technology to work in your New Orleans, LA home.

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3 Essential Home Audio Video Upgrades for the New Year


Leisure Meets Luxury with These High-End Entertainment Features

It's almost the end of the decade, and everyone is already looking forward to what 2020 has in store. Even though for many, the focus will be on career goals or dream trips, why shouldn’t the focus also be on the things you use every day? Do you have any idea how you could upgrade the entertainment in your Baton Rouge, LA home just in time for the new year?

We showcase three technology features that can transform your home audio video experience. Revamp your entertainment with a crisp, lifelike 8K video resolution. Embrace the comfort of wireless audio without sacrificing any of the quality. Enjoy the latest voice assistants in whole new ways by integrating them with a Control4 smart home system.

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What is the Best Mode of Smart Home Control?


Optimize Your Technology with Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Home

Smart home control is all about simplifying the way you interact with your technology. Typically, people associate this with mobile apps that let you play music on wireless speakers, open your door locks, or turn off the lights. Although that’s what you’ll get with a DIY solution, professional smart home control offers much more convenience for your family.

Unveil the true potential of your smart home technology with a system which not only places everything under one umbrella but offers diverse control options as well. Go with a Control4 smart home with intuitive user interfaces, advanced voice control, and the ultimate universal remote. Have the best in luxury living with automated changes that anticipate your needs.

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5 Essential Things to Consider in Your Home Theater Design



Ensure the Best Viewing Experience with a Design Addressing Your Unique Needs

Not everything in your home theater comes down to the quality of your speakers and display. Your overall home theater design is just as vital. A clear plan when it comes to screen size, sources, and speaker layout will result in better quality from each of your components.

But what makes for a good home theater design? Even though there are some standards all installers follow, it will ultimately come down to your unique needs and limitations.  If you’re looking to upgrade your theater or start a new one from scratch in your Lafayette, LA home, you want to address each of the questions below when getting started.

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