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How to Take Your Favorite Music Outside with Outdoor Audio Video

Follow These Steps to Enjoy High-Performance Audio Outdoors

Though the summer weather in Lafayette, LA is sweltering in August, the cool breeze of autumn is just a few weeks away. How are you preparing to spend more time outdoors once the temperatures start cooling down?

Outdoor activities don't have to involve day-long hikes or fishing trips—though we'd certainly recommend both. Usually, on a day-to-day basis, all it takes is the right drink and playlist as you sit by the pool or prepare some steaks on the grill. Let us help you embrace some added fresh air this fall with a comprehensive outdoor sound system.

Use your outdoor audio video to enjoy your favorite music in your pool, veranda, and patio. We outline five steps to get instant access to your go-to recordings without sacrificing quality or getting noise complaints from the neighbors.

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1. Set a Strong Foundation

Designing a successful outdoor sound installation will depend mainly on having the right foundation. Take your whole home audio outside with underground wiring that links your sources to all your outdoor speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers (if applicable). Do you like to stream music? Add wireless access points to ensure you have a strong network connection.

2. Choose the Right Equipment

The next step is adding the ideal equipment for the job. Never take indoor speakers or subwoofers outside as they will be promptly damaged and offer poor quality sound. Outdoor speakers from Coastal Source are designed to brave the elements and deliver powerful audio throughout large spaces. These speakers use airtight designs, rustproof materials, and directional amplification to offer optimal quality. Choose from landscape, bollard and rock models to find a speaker that best fits your landscaping or patio design.

3. Optimize Your Speaker Layout

Adding high-quality speakers is only the first step. The wrong layout will still result in uneven sound and angry neighbors. A professional outdoor audio video installation takes speaker layout into account to offer level sound that stays contained within your property. Line your space with speakers every few feet facing inwards, so sound doesn’t seep out. Doing this also has the added perk of bolstering the audio as it bounces off your home’s exterior.

4. Connect Your Favorite Sources

Your outdoor sound installation will be useless if you can’t listen to what you want! Linking it to the rest of your whole home audio system is vital. Each of your favorite music sources—digital libraries, streaming services, and more—is available for you to use without having to take any vulnerable equipment outside.

5. Control it the Way You Want

Integrating with your whole home audio has another benefit. All your music will be at your fingertips from the same user interface that you use to listen in the kitchen, bedroom, or media room. Now you can pull up the tracks you want, choose where you want it to play and adjust the volume from the one device. And you can even select which control method you want! In some cases, a mobile app is ideal while in others, you may prefer a waterproof remote.

 Start your journey to immersive outdoor audio today to be prepared when the cooler fall weather arrives. The first step to a custom-crafted outdoor audio video solution is setting up a one-on-one consultation with our team by calling 225.906.2589, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.

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Why Should You Avoid a One-Size-Fits-All Conference Room?

Find a Conference Room AV Solution that Matches Your Company Needs

Every business can benefit from a collaborative space to share ideas amongst employees or introduce new clients to your products. Though many companies offer one-size-fits-all conference room AV solutions, there are several reasons you'll want to opt for a custom one in your New Orleans, LA office.

Space limitations and room responsibilities will vary from boardroom to boardroom, so why shouldn’t your technology reflect that? Each section of this blog highlights ways a one-size-fits-all solution could fall short along the way.

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It Won’t Match Your Space

Even though many companies still use traditional boardrooms that sit 10-15 people, they’re no longer the norm. Recently, many companies are transitioning to huddle room spaces with five to ten people instead. Opting for a one-size-fits-all solution could result in a display that is too big for a small space or microphones and speakers that can’t fill out a larger one.

For optimal results, you want a conference room AV solution designed with your space's size and layout in mind. With the ideal number and arrangement of speakers and microphones, everyone will hear without feedbacks or echoes. Optimize your display size, placement and resolution, so everyone has a clear view of the screen.

It Won’t Match Your Company

Do you want to use your conference room just for video calls or for brainstorming sessions as well? Do you plan on using the room for training or even podcast recordings? Most one-size-fits-all solutions come with pretty basic AV and collaboration tools. Will that be enough for your company?

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How to Revamp Your Home Entertainment for Summer

Gain Easy Access to All Your Favorite Movies and Music

Summer is the perfect time to spend time with family and friends in your New Orleans, LA home. How can you make your space the ultimate destination? There are a few home entertainment upgrades we recommend to create the ideal hosting environment.

Outdoor entertainment is a critical component, but you'll also want to have some indoor havens for when the weather gets too hot and muggy. Embrace multi-room av solutions composed of intuitive control, high-end components, and expert installations. The features outlined below help you prep your space for summer and make your house the biggest hit on the block.

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Dedicated Home Theater

Home theaters are a great way to bring family and friends together for movie marathons or sports events on summer nights. Enjoy the latest blockbusters on Blu-ray or streaming services within a cool, climate-controlled environment during the hottest days of the season. Recreate the cinema experience with a projector-and-screen combination and add Dolby Atmos surround sound for immersive audio. Through a multi-room av solution, easily pull up the movies and shows you want to watch via universal remotes, mobile apps, or dedicated touchpads.

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FAQ: Answering Your Biggest Home Audio Video Questions

All the Information You Need to Choose the Right Solution

Research is vital any time you want to add new technology to your Mandeville, LA home. Learning everything you can about any upgrades will help figure out the right products and services. Even if you’re sure you want to integrate specific features, you’ll still want information on the best way to use them.

As you read this blog, you’ll discover answers to common questions on home audio video systems. Not only will the answers outline the basics, but also how to customize your AV solution according to your unique needs and preferences. Do you have additional questions you don't see listed here? Feel free to reach out, and we'll get you the answers!

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What Does Your Home Audio Video System Include?

Home AV, at its most basic, offers a centralized solution for all your audio and video needs. Each of your sources, including streaming services, Blu-ray players, digital music libraries, cable boxes, and more are readily available through one solution. AV systems are composed of all the different entertainment devices in your home. Relying on a professional means you only deal with cutting-edge technology when it comes to speakers, displays, AV receivers, and the source components mentioned above. Do you already have devices you love? They can be incorporated easily, so you still have access to everything from one place.

Where Should You Install Your Home Audio Video?

Home audio video solutions are usually associated with media rooms or private theaters, but they can span your entire property. Expand the reach of your favorite music, movies and more with distributed audio and video in any area you may enjoy listening to  music or watching TV. It's easy to extend your home AV to your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even your outdoor spaces! Craft a personalized AV solution so you're not left without your entertainment when you want it or with systems that you won’t use in the long run.

How Should You Control Your System?

Easily manage all the components in your whole home entertainment system in a way that makes the most sense to you. Often, many people like to stick with traditional handheld remotes for any entertainment needs. For those installations, you can still upgrade to universal remotes which offer easy access to all your content, favorites, and even lighting and climate control.

However, there are still some fun upgrades you can make to your controls! Access your system through Control4's brand new OS 3 interface on your smartphone or a dedicated touchpad. Simplify your technology even further with voice command capabilities via Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

 Have more questions or want to set up a one-on-one consultation with our team? Reach out by calling us at 225.906.2589, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below.

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5 Security Tips to Better Protect Your Home from Theft

The Right Tools to Give You Peace of Mind

When designing a home security system, you need to consider your household's unique needs. In most cases, though, all homeowners can benefit from the same necessary foundation with just a few personal tweaks. This blog outlines some tips that will protect your Baton Rouge, LA home from theft and showcase the ways a custom smart security system helps to implement safety daily. Experience added piece of mind knowing you're doing everything you can to protect your home from potential intruders.

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Lock All Entry Points

Eliminate human error by using security apps that send you alerts if doors are unlocked. Make any necessary changes through the same app whether you’re at home, work, or on vacation. If anyone in your family is particularly forgetful at keeping track, you can even use geo-tagging. During certain hours, if your system notices you left the house (based on your phone's location), it will automatically lock the doors.

Scare Off Potential Intruders

There are a variety of ways your home security system brings attention to unwanted activity on your property. One tactic is to flood the area with lights as soon as intruders set off motion sensors. The added benefit to this is that it also ensures you get better surveillance footage. Follow that with a loud alarm which not only further alerts them they have been noticed, but it will also help to advise your family to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

 Alternate Your Routine

One way intruders make sure you're not home when they break-in is to scope out your daily routines. How can you keep them from learning your regular habits without having to change your lifestyle? Employ 'away' scenes within your smart security system to make it seem like someone is home throughout the day. Schedule lights to turn on and off and even integrate motorized shades that go up and down for a more realistic effect.

Keep Track of Who Enters

Resist the urge to leave a lock under the mat for any gardeners, maids or dog walkers that need to enter when you’re not there. During the day, use your security app to let them in or give them each unique access codes to use. Each time they use the code to enter the house or activate the alarm when they leave, you will receive a notification. Not only that, but you can view live surveillance footage if you sense they’ve stuck around longer than expected.

Keep a Well-Lit Exterior

Going back to our previous point, thieves hate being noticed. That's why they'll often target houses with dark exteriors, where there are more natural spots for them to hide. Developing a comprehensive landscape lighting solution will serve as a significant deterrent for thieves. Having well-lit exteriors will not only create less dangerous unlit areas for them to thrive, but it will enhance your family’s overall safety by eliminating tripping hazards as well.

 Are you interested in upgrading your home security system to protect your property better? The experts at Acadian will craft a custom solution with your home’s primary needs and vulnerabilities in mind. All you have to do to get started is call us at 225.442.9849, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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