Introducing DuoLite Motorized Shades by Hunter Douglas

A sunroom equipped with Hunter Douglas motorized shades.

Control the Privacy and Light in Your Home With Luxury Designer Shades

People want homes with beautiful windows that let in lots of natural light. But while natural light is fantastic,it can be hard to control in your home. With many window treatments, you can either have them open to let the light in or closed to keep the light out. There’s no in-between setting unless you have a sheer window covering, but they don’t provide any privacy.

With Hunter Douglas’ new Duolite roller shade system, you don’t have to choose between full and no light. Instead, your motorized shades can have two fabrics to better manage the light and privacy in any space. Keep reading to learn what DuoLite motorized shades can bring to your home in Tampa, FL. 

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5 Reasons to Install Video Surveillance Cameras at Home

View video surveillance footage on a tablet.

Professional Cameras Provide More Than Just a Watchful Eye

It has been interesting to watch the rise of the video doorbell. What started as a way to greet visitors while away from the house has become a makeshift security network. People have become so fascinated with the goings on of the neighborhood throughout the day.

There's something to be said about having a watchful eye on what is happening around you. Not only does it help you sleep at night, but it also helps to locate the missing cat from down the street. We've all become amateur detectives, haven't we?!

But, sometimes, crimes require a little more than just a watchful eye for resolution. Professional video surveillance cameras with advanced zoom lenses and high-quality video can provide more information about more unsettling mysteries. Continue reading to learn the benefits supplied by professionally-installed video surveillance cameras.

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What Can I Expect From An AV Installation?

A living room with a large television and floor-length windows that allow natural light to stream in.

Our experts walk you through the design and implementation process

Home entertainment has become more popular in the past few years as movies are released straight onto streaming services and high-budget TV shows are taking over the internet. So how do you watch your favorite media at home? Do you have a living space with a TV? What if you could upgrade the experience with a media room or dedicated home theater? Immerse yourself in movies, TV shows, and more with a professional audio-video installation.

Our experts are here to walk you through every step of the installation process, from the early planning stages to teaching you how to use your system. Read on to learn more about the AV installation process and how it will enhance your Mandeville, LA area home.

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Do You Know the Key to a Great Home Theater Installation?

Dark theater with gray walls and carpet and lounge chairs facing a large home theater screen.

Focus on the Experience, Not the Specs for the Ultimate Viewing Environment 

Outfitting your home theater with the best audio and video equipment available is a no-brainer. Most AV professionals should be able to guide you on the right speakers, projectors and screens for your theater–especially if they’re dealers for the top AV brands. However, a truly stellar home theater installation delivers more than the sum of its parts. 

Not only should your theater be a place to show off stunning visuals and immersive sound, but it should deliver an unforgettable viewing experience whether you’re watching movies, TV shows, or the latest Saints game. From purposeful, non-obtrusive lighting to custom seating, find out what it takes to deliver a luxury theater environment in your New Orleans-area home.

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Do You Have the Best Lighting in Your Home Office?

Shot of small home office with a black desk, white chair and white book shelf in the back with a small window and tabletop lamp.

Our Lighting Design Experts Ensure Greater Comfort and Efficiency When Working from Home 

Usually, the two biggest complaints in corporate offices regard temperature and lighting. An American Society of Interior Design study found that 68% of office employees think the lighting is too dim or too bright. Often the wrong lighting causes headaches, eye strain, and fatigue. Overall, the result is diminished motivation and productivity. 

During the last couple of years, most workplaces have shifted to hybrid or fully work-from-home environments. This presents a unique opportunity to create the ideal work environment from scratch in the comfort of home. Below, we showcase how some ways our lighting designs help you eliminate common issues in your New Orleans, LA, home office. 

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