Make Life a Little Easier with Smart Home Automation

A bedroom with shades partially lowered, looking out over the ocean.

Let Your Home Prepare Itself for You in Advance

Have you noticed the many routine tasks we do in a day? Our alarms wake us at a set time each morning. We turn on the lights and then head to the bathroom, where we turn on more lights and the water, waiting for it to warm. Next, we walk to the kitchen and grab some coffee before adjusting the thermostat and turning on the TV to check out the latest weather forecast for the Tampa, FL area.  

We open the shades to enjoy the beautiful view and head to the patio for a moment of peace before going back upstairs to dress for the day. Before we head out for work, we turn off all the lights, lower the shades, and set the temperature. Only after we lock the door and arm the alarm do we realize we forgot to lock the back door. And so it goes. 

Fortunately, there is a better way. It’s called smart home automation, and it performs many of our daily tasks while creating the perfect environment for our everyday activities and special occasions. Let’s look at life in a smart home. 

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Common Home Theater Design #Fails

Home theater with red leather seating, floor to ceiling movie posters and star ceiling.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Installing a Home Theater

A home theater is something many homeowners desire. So much that many homeowners try to design and construct themselves. Unfortunately, there are correct ways to design and install a home theater…and then there are #fails. 

We know, from the surface, a home theater design looks like nothing more than a big screen, some speakers, and some comfy chairs. But, where amateurs fall short is often in the decisions and customizations you can’t see on the surface. These hidden things take the home movie experience from good to great – definitely things you don’t want to forget.

Continue reading to learn about typical home theater design #fails that you should beware of in your Tampa, FL, residence.

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Is Whole-Home Audio the Right Fit for Your Family?

The interior of a listening room featuring a turntable and Bowers & Wilkins speakers with a woman sitting in front of the system while looking at an album’s cover.

These 5 Questions Will Help You Determine If It’s Time to Add It to Your Home

Music is a constant presence in our lives. Yet, we often settle for outdated audio solutions which limit what we can listen to and where. There’s a misconception that home audio upgrades are just for the biggest audiophiles, but that’s not the case. Particularly when it comes to whole-home audio, even the most casual listeners benefit. 

We created a short questionnaire to help you better visualize the benefits of whole-home audio. If you answer yes to any of these questions, then we recommend it for your Tampa, FL, home. Depending on which answers pertain to you, our team can design a system tailored to your needs. 

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Why Your Home Still Needs a Hardwired Network

Home networking switch with various yellow ethernet cables attached.

Get Greater Speed and Reliability with a Professional Home Networking Installation 

Networks have changed drastically over the past two decades. Limited once to a modem connected directly to your phone line and computer, they must now contend with dozens of devices vying for access. During this time, the network took another big shift – going wireless. 

It's not hard to see why wireless is so popular with homeowners. You get access from anywhere without being constrained by cables. Many people, however, end up reverting to wireless when it doesn't serve a purpose, placing an unnecessary burden on the network. 

This blog explains why relying on a hardwired home networking installation is the best way to get greater speed and reliability while maintaining wireless connectivity where needed. 

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A Checklist for Planning Your Home Theater Installation

Home movie theater with Sony projector displaying a sunset water scene on large screen.

Must-Have Items to Make Memorable Movie Experiences

The right combination of automation, audio, and video is key to making memorable movie experiences at home, but where do you begin with planning to build such a high-quality entertainment space? Look no further than our expert team at Acadian Home Theater & Automation for tips and advice on planning the perfect home theater installation. Due to our years of experience, we can help you design the cinema room of your dreams, ready to entertain your family and friends for years to come.

Get started by reviewing the checklist below of items to consider when planning a home theater installation in your New Orleans, LA home.

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