How to Optimize Your Energy Management During Inclement Weather


Stave Off the Heat and Humidity While Protecting Valuable Electronics

Energy management should be top of mind for homeowners throughout the year, but it's never more important than during the summer storm season in New Orleans, LA. Rainfall peaks in July and September, bringing with it floods and electrical storms that can severely impact the electrical grid. Unfortunately, even sunny days cause problems, with rising temperatures and humidity making it harder than ever to retain a comfortable environment indoors. Deploying an efficient home energy management strategy will ensure your family stays safe and comfortable whenever inclement weather hits the area.

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Smart Thermostat

Unpredictable temperatures are the name of the game during the storm season, as overcast skies create huge fluctuations within a single day. Proactive climate control is a great way to stay ahead of the heat and humidity. First, integrate a smart thermostat that recognizes weather patterns and adjusts automatically based on changes throughout the day. Our previous climate control blog also outlines how humidity and ventilation control improve your family's well-being and shield your home from damage. Then, for a major storm or hurricane prep, proactively close curtains and blinds and drop the thermostat a few degrees more than normal. This will give you a buffer if an outage temporarily shuts off the air conditioning in your home.


Solar Batteries

Extreme weather in Texas and the bushfires in California have shown just how vulnerable energy grids are throughout the country. Employing solar energy is a great way to reduce your reliance on the grid and rebound quicker from outages. Not only can solar power reduce your energy dependence, but it’s a great long-term investment since solar energy is less susceptible to major structural damage during a storm compared to coal plants. Usually, solar panels will generate 25% capacity during overcast days, so they don't become obsolete during storm season.

Bring any excess energy produced throughout the day into battery storage. If the power does go out, you’ll be able to dip into this energy reserve to power your most essential components. The section below outlines in further detail how to best handle power outages during a storm. This solar battery, though, remains useful even as power comes back. Surges in cost are common when power plants come back online, and your excess solar power is a great way to avoid using the energy grid during costly peak hours. Accumulate solar power during the slow hours of the day, then use it at night when demand is highest.


Uninterrupted Power Source

Bringing a generator into your home to deal with power outages can be extremely dangerous if not done right. Opting for an unlimited power source instead will not only protect your family but your hardware as well. With a UPS, batteries are always engaged, so there won't be a second of downtime as you transfer power to your stored supply. In addition, voltage fluctuations likely to damage equipment are eliminated since the power supply, as the name implies, is uninterrupted during the entire time.

Expert energy management design ensures you stay online longer during a blackout. During the initial design stage, we'll gauge your typical energy use and plan accordingly. Then, in conjunction with your Control4 system, it'll be easy to shed non-essential loads while prioritizing must-have appliances like pumps, refrigerators, and medical equipment. During your storm prep, go into your energy management app and label all relevant items as essential so your home can adjust to your needs in an instant if the power goes out.


This year, make sure your storm preparations take your home energy management into account. Have our experts design a solution tailored to your needs for a safe, comfortable environment even in the worst weather. Reach out to our team by giving us a call, filling out our contact form, or chatting with us below.

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