How Smart Home Automation Prepares You for Spring


Have the Perfect Technology Solution for All Your Spring Activities

Nestled between the frigid winter months and the muggy summer weather, we’re not surprised spring is so popular among our Louisiana clients. Couple that with long school breaks, and it's the perfect time to spend more time with family and friends. As you prepare to make the most of this season, we wanted to offer some vital technology tips. Below are just some of the ways our clients in New Orleans and the surrounding areas use their smart home automation systems to enjoy greater comfort and fun during the spring months.

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Spruce Up Your Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather in your patio, pool or backyard by integrating outdoor speakers, landscape lighting, weather-proof TVs and motorized shades. By having these all under your smart home automation system, you'll be able to prepare your space for any activity in a matter of seconds. Want to host friends for a BBQ on Sunday afternoon? Press a "Cookout" scene in your Control4 app, and your shades  will close to keep out heat and mosquitos, the lights over your dining area will turn on, and your curated playlist will start playing. As it gets dark, your landscape lighting automatically will come on to showcase your home’s best features and enhance your guests’ comfort and safety.

Ensure the Perfect Temperature

Temperatures during the spring vary widely from day to day. This makes it tricky to keep your home comfortable. Our home automation systems include climate control that keeps you a step ahead. Smart thermostats respond immediately to changing weather conditions while still letting you make changes on the go from touchpads, on-wall keypads and even voice commands as needed. If you have a spring break vacation planned, set these to an eco-friendly mode to save on your monthly energy bills. If, instead, you're hosting friends, take advantage of climate zones and allow them to set their preferred temperature in their guest room through intuitive on-wall keypads.

Enhance Your Family Nights

Do you struggle to keep the kids entertained when they’re home from school or daycare? With intuitive control of your entertainment, it’s easy to create an engaging environment for the whole family. Your media room transforms into an immersive theater with a “Cinema” scene that closes the shades, dims the lights, and powers up the TV. Get a dance party going with the whole family and make it easy for anyone in the family to pick the next song through your multi-room audio system. Have a young child always requesting Bluey after nap time? Set Disney + as a favorite on your home screen, so it is easy to pull up at a moment's notice.

Experience the best that spring has to offer—from warm weather to added time with the family—like never before with smart home automation. Our team would love to design a system tailor-made to match your needs. To get started, give us a call, fill out our contact form or chat with us below.

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