Video Connection Basics

, Because our company deals with only state-of-the-art A/V technology, we often make assumptions about what people know.  By the time most have gotten to us, they've already done a lot of homework and educated themselves about a whole range of optionson the market.

But we thought we would throttle back and explain something as basic as different video connection types.

When you look at the back of, say, your Blu-ray player, you'll see different types of connections to choose from.  We've included an illustration of the different types of connections you might encounter because that'll help you see those differences easier than trying to describe them to you.

There is one basic difference you must know up front about these connections: HDMI sends digital signal and supports 1080p high-def images--today's standard for HD video.  Meanwhile Coax, RCA and S-Video best supports analog signal.  So if you were curious as to whether or not one of your components supports high-def quality, it MUST have an HDMI connection.  If it doesn't, you'll never enjoy the benefits of HDTV in 1080p clarity.  So if you don't have an HD TV, maybe the old analog format is fine for you.  It delivers a good, clean signal.

Or lets suppose you were looking at video equipment and trying to figure out how current the technology on it is.  If you don't see HDMI ports, the unit was built before digital was THE delivery system and therefore is an older component that has already seen its better days!

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Hear It, Don't See It

Can you find the subwoofer hidden in this picture?  Maybe you're thinking, "I won't find it. A subwoofer is that large speaker box located near the floor BELOW the TV."

Ah, think again.  You're actually looking at it right now!  So, let's see what's in this photo.

There are two A/C vents, one recessed canister light, a flatscreen TV backlit with LED lighting, and the in-wall mounted left speaker column.

Well guess what?  That A/C vent nearest the canister light is actually a disguised subwoofer!  Of course your subwoofer is the speaker that provides those very deep bass sounds that sometimes make the floor rumble like thunder when you watch a movie or let you feel the kick of the bass drum when listening to music.

Most assume subwoofers must be placed at or near the floor level.  That isn't always the case.  So if it makes sense to not place a subwoofer under your TV, ask your professional A/V installer about placement options that would work well for your room.

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Music is In the Air

Springtime is a season for weddings and graduations.  And gift-giving can often be a challenge--trying to find that unique as well as thoughtful gift.  So why not consider giving the gift of music?

Newlyweds love compact, portable music systems to add warmth and beauty to their new homes.  Even if the happy couple already has an audio system for their living room, having a compact system for their bedroom or even patio is a huge bonus.  AND both the bride and groom can equally appreciate and enjoy your thoughtfulness!

And Grads?  They especially love knowing they don't have to dismantle their audio system at home but can leave it in their rooms for when they're home on a weekend or over a semester break.  With a compact system you give as a gift, they can enjoy their favorite music at their new dorm or apartment.

But the problem with typical "off the shelf" portable units is that the sound produced lacks dynamic range nor does a very good job filling a room.  Its music in a box.

Not so with products by Bose!  Bose is music in a ROOM.  Bose has earned an unmatched reputation for yielding astounding acoustical depth and clarity from compact components, bathing rooms in absolutely luxurious fidelity.  As a Bose dealer, we can help you with your selection of products available, but lets take a moment here to look at a few options.

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Movie Buffs and the Props They Love

[caption id="attachment_668" align="alignleft" width="169"] Minotaur Costume from The Chronicles of Narnia movies.

There is a small but growing industry in acquiring movie props and costumes.  Perhaps the most famous movie memorabilia are the ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz."  Five pair of the original shoes are known to exist.  One pair is on display at the Smithsonian and made an appearance on the red carpet at last night's Academy Awards.  Debbie Reynolds owned the "trick" pair that curled up under the house.  Years ago, Reynolds invested money into movie memorabilia which she planned to sell to help provide for herself during retirement.  At auction in 2011, her ruby slippers fetched $510,000.

Movie buffs have begun displaying props as part of the decor of their home theaters or media rooms.  The internet has made shopping for props easy for anyone.

[caption id="attachment_669" align="alignright" width="150"] Bread Dish from Titanic

Favored props from more contemporary films were those produced by WETA Workshop which produced thousands of highly intricate (and in many cases beautiful) props for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Troika Brodsky is the proud owner of the largest private collection of LOTR film props in the world--second only to the official studio archive in New Zealand.

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Gizmos to Get Fit With

If you're in "getting in shape" mode, you might be interested in learning about the help you can get from technology and the internet.

Bathroom Scales

This is the first and most basic tool for any weight-loss program--measuring where you are currently and helping you decide where you need to go.  But now scales are Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth compatible.  There are so many of these products on the market that the easiest way for you to check many of them out is to simply click here to link to to give you a good starter list and prices of some that are available. They don't just measure weight!  Depending upon the model (and what you're willing to pay) you can learn your degree of body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, hydration and more.  And you don't need to keep record.  The scale will send your results to your computer or smartphone and log it for you through software and/or phone apps they provide!

Activity Monitors

Light activity is where you want to start?  Then all the experts say you should have a walking regimen.  Again, LOTS of products available and they start with the technology version of pedometers and advance to handle other forms of exercise.  This blogger covers six different devices that may be of interest to you.  In short, these devices will do such things as total up your activity level, monitor your heart rate, measure your blood pressure, calculate calories burned, etc.  Of course, most of them will do the recording for you in your health/fitness program on your computer or phone.

Rest is Important Too

Getting proper rest is important to an overall fitness program and, yes, there is even technology to help with that!  One of those is Zeo.  Whole clinics are now devoted to sleep assessment because having your eyes closed at night doesn't equate to sleep.  So most people don't know why they're fatigued when they awake thinking they've had a good night's sleep.  One product Zeo offers is a headband you wear while you sleep.  The information the headband downloads shows you how restful or else restless you sleep, measures the amount of REM sleep you got and scores your night.  You'll even get recommendations on how to improve your sleep.

Weight loss and fitness management is about about measurable results.  These products and SO many more can help you keep that New Year resolution.

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