2 Critical Factors to Consider for Any Outdoor Entertainment System


Your Home’s Outdoor Spaces Also Deserve the Best in Audio/Video Quality

Having a superb outdoor entertainment system to entertain family and friends is something every modern household should look into. Although setting up an outdoor entertainment system can seem a bit overwhelming, rest assured it doesn’t need to be.

With design ideas optimizing both the look and convenience of any outdoor entertainment setup, you have a variety of options to choose from to make your Baton Rouge, LA space truly unique.

If you want your patio, backyard, or pool to be the hangout spot during summer nights, then setting up the perfect ambiance is a true art form. Here are 2 critical factors to consider when setting up any outdoor entertainment system.

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1. What Works Best in Your Outdoor Space?

The first thing many of our customers commonly do when creating their outdoor entertainment system is to start looking at speakers, TVs, and the like. The best thing you can do from the very start is to get advice from an audio-video expert. Have them come over and evaluate your outdoor space to help you understand exactly where you need to start.

They’ll be able to make great suggestions about what equipment to get and where certain components should be placed. Design and placement are huge factors in creating the perfect outdoor entertainment system. You want your space to be sophisticated, but you also want it to look natural.

It's easy to rush out and buy what you think is the best equipment, only to get home and find out that it all looks out of place in your current outdoor space. We partner with a wide array of audio manufacturers to help you find models that not only camouflage within your landscaping, but provide the power needed to enjoy clear, crisp sound in all your outdoor spaces.

2. How Can You Integrate Automation Into Your System?

There’s nothing worse than having the very best audio and video equipment and having to manually adjust them constantly. It's extremely frustrating for you and your guests to juggle different controllers for speakers and your television.

Fortunately, there’s a solution—automation. Automate these and other functions in your outdoor space, including the adjustment of lights, for easy control from one device

You can set up different scenes depending on the mood you’re in and activate them with a simple button press or voice command What if you’re having a romantic dinner? You can switch to your “Date Night” mode. Not only will lights dim, but your outdoor entertainment system comes to live with a jazz album playing through your speakers or your favorite rom com playing on your special outdoor display.

Let’s Get Your Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System Set Up

Let’s have a conversation about how to create your ultimate outdoor entertainment system. Set up a meeting with our team to share your top needs and priorities so we can come up with a custom solution for your space.

Contact us now.

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