3 Proactive Ways to Use Your Climate Control During the Summer

Woman using an on-wall thermostat to adjust the temperature in her home.

Stave Off the Hot Weather With the Help of Your Smart Technology

In New Orleans, LA, summers are some of the hottest, muggiest in the country. After a long day out, you want to return to a perfectly climate-controlled environment. Let yourself relax in a home cooled to your specifications, without excessive energy use. Our climate control solutions help you stay a step ahead of the scorching heat. 

It starts with smart thermostats that adjust to your routines and preferences, but it goes beyond that, so even your outdoor spaces get a reprieve from the summer. Read on to find out how we ensure your home is at the right temperature at all times! 

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Set Your Thermostat to Your Unique Schedule

NEST thermostats hit the market a few years ago and exploded in popularity due to their ability to learn and predict user schedules. Getting your home to know what temperature you want and when is revolutionary. But products from Control4 go even further! Have your thermostat automatically lower when you’re returning from work or going to bed, and have it go into eco-mode when you’re not there. It’ll adjust based on weather changes, so you’re always a step ahead of the heat. 

Take Advantage of Temperature Sensors & Zones 

DIY products often result in uneven temperature throughout the house. For ultimate comfort, work with a professional to install temperature sensors around the house. These sensors let your HVAC recognize areas (like those with west-facing windows), which require extra cooling. These sensors also allow you to create zones to set different temperatures based on location and application. For example, maybe you’d like the bedrooms cooler at night to snuggle under the blankets but want other unused areas like a home theater or living room to be in more energy-efficient modes when you sleep. 

Get Motorized Shades to Help (Indoors and Out)

It’s not just thermostats that play a part in climate control. Leverage motorized shades in your indoor and outdoor spaces to lend your HVAC a helping hand. These shades adjust automatically based on your home’s temperature, the amount of sunlight, or the time of day. If you want to make changes on the go (like lowering motorized screens when you go out on the patio), you can do so easily with the touch of a button or a simple voice command. Through the help of motorized shades, you’ll be able to avoid heat gain and cool your home while expending much less energy.  

Vacations aren’t the only way to escape the hot summer weather! Enjoy the perfect temperature year-round with our smart climate control solutions. Reach out to our team for a one-on-one consultation by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below. 

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