You’ve decided to build your dream New Orleans, LA, smart home, and you can’t wait to get the project started. As you enter the planning stages, keep an eye out for details that can be missed or misunderstood, and lead to unsatisfactory results.

In the excitement of starting such an ambitious project, make sure you’re really thinking through all the details. For example, who will ensure the distributed audio system has adequate coverage and power? Have you worked out how to coordinate the lighting and shades to save on energy costs and increase the well-being of the house? Do you know how you want to control your technology — touchscreens, a smartphone, custom keypads?

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when looking to include smart home automation in your New Orleans, LA, home.

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How To Boost Your Home’s Wi-Fi Signal


Upgrade Your Home’s Wireless Networking System to Ensure Lightning-Fast Speeds

It’s only been 20 years since Wi-Fi was introduced to the public. Even though it was a groundbreaking technology, it wasn’t easily accessible. Products that used Wi-Fi didn’t start to enter the market until around 2003.

Now, we can’t live without Wi-Fi. Nearly every technology in your home is connected to it, such as computers, TVs, smartphones, smart lighting, and security systems. As other technologies are added – and they demand more from your network – you’ll have a growing need for a more robust wireless home system.

If you have a smart home in New Orleans, LA, it’s more important than ever to ensure your wireless networking system is updated. It’s the only way to support and safeguard your connected lifestyle. Keep reading to learn what to do if you have a sluggish Wi-Fi network.

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Experience the New Sights and Sounds of a Robust AV System


Add More Music and Movies to Your Home with an AV Installation

Improve your music-listening and TV-watching experience by upgrading the AV systems in your home. The new products on the market – 4K HDR TVs, high-end speakers, and multi-room audio – add more excitement to home entertainment. For instance, instead of listening to music through your earbuds, you can enjoy a higher quality sound with your new whole-home audio system. Why watch movies on your small HD TV? By installing a big-screen 4K TV or screen/projector system, you’ll witness movie magic the way it’s supposed to be.

If you’re considering an AV installation at your home in New Orleans, LA, then here are three excellent upgrades: high-end audio, whole-home sound, and 4K home theater displays. Keep reading to learn some of the many advantages of updating your audio-video systems.

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How to Make Your Home a Control4 Smart Home


Discover the Latest C4 Smart Products Like the Chime Doorbell at the Upcoming “C4Yourself” Event

Knock, knock . . . no more! Instead of answering the door, the Chime video doorbell by Control4 does it for you. But it offers so much more than that. It’s also smart, boasting a range of state-of-the-art features that monitor the entry points around your house. Best of all, you don’t need to wait to test-drive a Chime. During the C4Yourself event this month, stop by Acadian Home Theater & Automation for a closer look.

At our Control4 certified showroom in Baton Rouge, LA, we feature a wide range of audio-video, security, and home automation products to ensure a smarter home. Keep reading to learn how a trusted Control4 dealer improves your home’s security, luxury, and livability.

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Build the Ultimate Entertainment Space With a Home Media Room


Enjoy Music and Movies to the Fullest by Adding These Technologies  

Raise the bar on home entertainment with a home media room. A media room offers a dedicated space where you can listen to high-end music, watch a movie, play a video or online game, or spend a quiet evening while enjoying a nightcap with a loved one. Acadian Home Theater & Automation design home theaters and media rooms to deliver a phenomenal audio-video experience.

Bring the big-screen movies and live music concerts right into your home with 4K TVs, premium speakers from industry-leading brands, and customized seating and décor. Don’t miss out on the ultimate in movie-and-music magic. Read how you can upgrade your home in New Orleans, LA, with a well-designed media room.

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