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Creating a home away from home is at the heart of what your hospitality business does every day in Baton Rouge. To streamline the process and improve customer experiences, consider incorporating automation and commercial audio-video solutions from Acadian.  

Learn what’s possible in the world of improved hospitality technology in our article below, then contact our team to keep exploring the possibilities for your company’s unique needs.

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Can Technology Help My Hospitality Business?

Many people think of the corporate office environment when they think of commercial technology, but other establishments can benefit from features like room scheduling, automated shading, smart lighting, and climate control, to name a few solutions. 

If you’re in any of the following industries, working with Acadian for a technology upgrade is essential for making your clientele feel comfortable and like your building is an extension of their home:

Enhancing Guest Experience with Home-Like Technology

The hospitality industry is competitive, so integrating advanced technology that mimics the comforts of home can set your establishment apart and encourage customers to keep coming back. 

In-Room Voice Assistants

Imagine guests walking into their room and simply using their voice to adjust the lighting, set the temperature, or turn on the TV. By installing voice-activated virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you offer convenience that guests feel accustomed to in their homes. Hands-free control enhances the user experience while personalizing it.

Automated Check-In/Out Systems

First and last impressions are lasting ones. Mobile app check-ins/outs and facial recognition for room access minimize wait times and eliminate the hassle of traditional check-in processes. They also streamline crucial touchpoints and remove potential frustrations related to waiting in line with their families in tow! 

Your guests feel empowered with a sense of control and ease reminiscent of being at home, setting a welcoming tone the moment they step through the doors.

Personalized In-Room Automation

Utilizing AI and guest data to personalize room settings is like having a concierge who knows the guest’s preferences before they even articulate them. From adjusting the room temperature to match their comfort level settings from their last visit to finding their favorite entertainment channels upon arrival, automation makes guests feel as if someone prepared the room's ambiance just for them. These thoughtful, personalized touches elevate experiences from good to unforgettable.

Integrated Mobile Apps

Offering guests the ability to interact with your hotel’s services through their personal devices adds a new layer of comfort. They can control room features, request services, and access essential information just as they would from their living room or bedroom at home. By providing a familiar and intuitive way to interact with your business, you’re improving the guest experience.

Sensors & Prescheduled Smart Scenes

Adjust settings automatically with sensors that can detect a room’s occupancy and adjust the lighting, temperature, and even the ambiance accordingly. By mirroring the intelligent functionality of a modern smart home, these sensors create an environment that anticipates and reacts to a guest’s individual needs within a room. 

Or go a step further and use building automation in communal spaces and guest service areas to make visits more exciting. For example, automated shades lower to reduce glare when the sun is at its peak without a second thought from your staff members, and interior and exterior lighting shifts based on the time of day, switching to fun party colors during after-dinner service. 

It’s Time to Improve Guest Experiences in Baton Rouge

If you really want to treat your hospitality spaces like a home away from home, then Acadian will craft a customized AV and automation system that meets your needs. Chat with us below or contact us here to explore the possibilities together.

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