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What are the Best Technologies to Include in Your Home Security System?

Feature These Innovative Devices in Your Smart Home Security Setup

Perhaps you’re ready to provide your house with a robust security system, dedicated to keeping your family safe.

Where do you begin? What do you include in your setup?

Of course, you can work with your local security professional that can install and integrate alarms and surveillance cameras throughout your property.

At Acadian, however, we are committed to providing custom home security system solutions for New Orleans and Louisiana homeowners that go far beyond basic alarm and camera capabilities.

In this post, we share four additional must-include smart technologies for your property’s security arrangement. Scroll down to find out more.

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1) Video Doorbells

You might think of using a video doorbell as a convenient way to welcome guests or workers to your house.

But with a smart video doorbell, like one from our partners at Ring, you actually can enhance your property’s security presence.

Here’s how: You can create motion zones surrounding your front door so that whenever your doorbell detects movement, you instantly will receive an alert on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

From that alert, you then can view both live and recorded footage in high definition to evaluate who might be attempting to enter your house – whether it’s during the day or at night (with HD infrared vision).

That way, you quickly can evaluate any potential security threat and immediately take any necessary action.

2) Remote Locks

We always recommend that your system includes intelligent locks, as well.

As you equip your doors with these updated locks, some of which feature a keypad, access to your home can be limited to those who only know a preset code or have a key.

You also can pair your remote lock system with a video doorbell, in the event a family member has arrived home and has forgotten a key. In this case, you can unlock your door from the convenience of your mobile device.

Remote locks also hold additional security value. From anywhere in the world, you can check whether your doors are locked and instantly secure your home with just the press of a button.

3) Air & Water Quality Monitors

Although you might consider a home security system to protect your family from outside threats, it’s equally important to evaluate the possible interior hazards you might encounter.

Carbon monoxide poisoning, fires, water leaks and frozen pipes are all possible. It’s essential you safeguard your family against those dangers.

By investing in smart air and water quality sensors, you will have plenty of warning time to treat any potential hazard properly.

Once a sensor detects an increased level of carbon monoxide, smoke or water presence, you immediately will receive an alert on your mobile device. You then can act quickly and potentially save your valuables – and  family.

4) Integrated Motion Sensors

In the section above, we mentioned how the Ring video doorbell features motion detection that will alert you whenever someone is near your front door.

Not all surveillance camera and alarm systems feature this motion-sensing technology. Instead, you can add motion sensors to your integrated security system.

This is especially helpful if you integrate these sensors with an outdoor lighting system. If you don’t know how to do that yourself, your local technology expert can help you achieve this.

Once installed, lights will flood the area instantly after your sensors detect nearby motion. This can serve as an immediate deterrent for any potential intruder.

Additionally, you can include night-vision HD security cameras in the area so that when you receive an alert notifying you of detected motion, you can view live or recorded footage of the incident.


If you are interested in adding any of these smart security technologies to your New Orleans-area home, we encourage you to reach out to our team today!

You can schedule a no-obligation consultation with Acadian now by clicking here