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The Best Tool To Maintain Your Home Automation System

Explore How Acadian Makes Smart Home Maintenance Easy


At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we work with you to craft a smart home system not only designed for world-class performance but also for ultimate convenience to elevate your lifestyle.

From the moment our installation is complete, you will have the ability to control all of your home’s devices – directly from an in-wall touchscreen panel or your smartphone or tablet. You’ll even be able to create customized automation commands.

However, we know that technology might not always cooperate with you. And when that happens, you should have a resource ready to assist you within a moment’s notice.

That’s why our team has created the Acadian mobile application.

In this post, we reveal how this custom tool is the best resource available to maintain your home automation system, whether you live in New Orleans or throughout the state of Louisiana.

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The Acadian Application

Free to download on your smartphone or tablet, the Acadian mobile application is designed to be an easy-to-maneuver resource whenever you encounter issues with your smart home system.

Simply open the application, click the menu bar on the top-left corner, and click service request. From there, you can fill out a short form in which you can describe the issues you are facing.

Here’s what happens next. No matter the time or day that you send that service request, our team will then receive that message. You can reach out to us 24/7 year-round.

Best of all, though, that message will go to every member of our team – from the owner to the salesman to the service manager to the on-call technician and more.

This allows us to quickly and uniquely respond to any request you might have.

World-Class Service, Local Team of Experts

So, you’ve submitted a smart home service request through the Acadian application. What happens next?

Immediately, our team will review the request and will begin troubleshooting to determine any underlying issues with your system.

All of our home automation installations can include OvrC remote management software, which allows us to gain visibility to your entire network and search for vital clues that might be affecting your system performance.

During this initial review period, we might be able to determine the cause of your technology troubles quickly. Even if we aren’t able to truly diagnose the issue, we will be able to gain a thorough understanding of how your smart home system currently is performing.

This insight allows us to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Before we even get in touch with you, we could already have a solution prepared for you.

If a maintenance call is required, our local team can quickly respond, carefully examine the underlying issue, and then deliver world-class service to repair your system.


Want to learn more about our smart home services in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana? Reach out to us today!

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