Explore the Incredible Features of Home Lighting Control

A living area with numerous light fixtures and soft accent ceiling lighting

Enjoy the Beauty and Convenience of Smart Home Lighting

Home automation is all about convenience, security, and an ease of living that was once unimaginable. And one of the most exciting features of today’s smart home systems is home lighting control

This system is effortless to manage while enhancing a home’s design and reducing clutter. It can also integrate with your other connected systems, allowing you to touch one button to change the lights, adjust the shades, and with another button, adjust the music.

Let’s explore this remarkable lighting technology and how it’s transforming homes in Covington, LA.

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Say Goodbye to Wall Clutter

Light switches have served their purpose well since their creation over 100 years ago. Today, however, luxury homes are much bigger and the design more intricate. One light switch that once illuminated a room has turned into four or more, and multiple banks leave us wondering what switch controls what light. Our rooms become filled with “wall acne” as more lighting controls are required.

Say Hello to Panelized Lighting

Panelized or centralized lighting systems remove the switches and dimmers in every room. Now, all electrical wiring is routed from the circuit breaker to a centrally located panel in a utility room or equipment closet. This system is controlled via elegant multi-function keypads and touchscreens placed throughout the home. 

These keypads are custom engraved and beautiful in design, coming in various styles and finishes. The engravings explain the function of each button, such as “Good Morning,” “Dinner,” and “Entertainment.” This lighting solution offers limitless personalization and curates a magical lighting experience with one touch. 

Whole Home Integration

When integrated with your Control4 home automation platform, you experience one-touch control of your lighting, climate, security, entertainment, and more. These systems work together, enabling you to create a different ambiance by tapping the touchscreen or keypad. 

When you press the “Entertainment” button, the lights throughout your home settle into preset shades and intensities, the motorized shades lower, the thermostat adjusts, and your “Laidback” playlist streams through your home. When it’s time for bed, press the “Sleep” icon on the touchscreen, and the lights turn off as the doors lock.

Automatic Transformation

Your lights can also adjust automatically through the strategic placement of sensors and programming schedules. For example, when everyone leaves a room, the lights automatically turn off, making your home a little greener and your electric bill a little lower. 

When filtered sunlight enters a room, your lights automatically dim, maintaining the perfect level of light at every moment. In addition, we can schedule groups of lights to turn on and off based on the position of the sun, the time of day, and even your location. 


At Acadian Home Theater & Automation, we’re recognized as the only Diamond Control4 Pinnacle Dealer in Louisiana, exemplifying our dedication to customized smart home living. Visit our interactive showroom to experience home and lighting automation firsthand. To schedule a personalized showroom visit or a complimentary consultation, contact Acadian Home Theater & Automation today.

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