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How Commercial Audio Video Can Enhance Your Conference Room


Explore the Benefits of Adding Boardroom Audio/Video Technology


A conference room is essential to any office space.

It’s where you and your team host essential meetings. It’s where decisions critical to the success of your business are made.

So, shouldn’t you ensure your boardroom technology always perform at its best?

Based out of Baton Rouge, Acadian is Louisiana’s expert at commercial audio video installations geared toward enhancing conference rooms across the state.

Want to find out more about how an audio/video system can enhance your office’s boardroom? Just keep reading.

Improved Teleconference Quality


The last thing you want to happen during an important video conference call is for you to lose connection and, ultimately, end the meeting early.

Far too often, we encounter clients who are dealing with this exact issue – fighting blurry video streams and broken-up audio.

During our commercial audio video installations, we can expertly assemble a conference room network infrastructure capable of supporting high-bandwidth conference calls.

From there, we can install top-of-the-line audio/video devices throughout your boardroom, thanks to our trusted industry manufacturer partners.

Not only can your team then enjoy video conference calls without interruption, but you also can watch and broadcast in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Your screen will display a crystal-clear image for you and your team, and your counterparts will effortlessly be able to view you and your staff, as well.

More Productive Meetings


A boardroom audio video installation goes far beyond just improving the quality of teleconferences.

In fact, your internal staff meetings even can receive an essential boost.

You likely don’t want employees missing out on valuable information during your boardroom meetings. That’s why an improved audio system can ensure everyone hears the most critical details.

Acadian can include speakers throughout your boardroom – they can be hidden from view and in walls or ceilings if you’d prefer – so that everyone on your team can hear every detail from your meetings.

Best of all, we can make sure your speakers won’t produce an echo or distorted audio so that everyone on your team hears a pure and uninterrupted sound.


If you think your Louisiana-based office might benefit from a commercial audio video solution, we encourage you to reach out to Acadian today.

We can work side-by-side with you to build a system customized to your boardroom’s needs – whether it’s in Baton Rouge, New Orleans or beyond.

Want to get started on your conference room upgrade today? All you need to do is reach out to us by clicking here.