Solutions for Designers: What About That TV?

A great home interior always maintains a consistent scheme throughout.  Architects and designers work closely to create the kind of ambience the homeowner client desires. Sometimes, though, introducing technology into a room can interfere with that ambience...but it doesn't have to!  Certainly not when you have experienced technology experts who keep "design magic" on hand for just such an occasion!

Since an "Old World" look is so popular with finer homes, we thought we'd demonstrate a problem and suggest some solutions.

Problem. The home below has a certain look its trying to achieve.  With the furniture removed, its easier to see the problem:

old-world-design-style That TV!  What's that doing in a room like this?  Well, truth be told, it probably needs to be there as a main place for family gatherings.  But we would suggest hiding it exactly where it is now!  We'll show you how a little further in this article.  You might also notice the speakers to either side (visible just beyond the columns) and another center speaker right above that flatscreen?  Painting the grills to match the room is a great idea.  But if you want those to be impossible to see, we recommend speakers like LiveWall.  Even your painter will never know they are there!

Solution A.  Let's suppose you, your architect and your designer have collaborated on a room with the following look:

TV potential behind mirror Where do you put a TV?  Would you believe we can get it behind the mirror?  When you turn it on, it appears INSIDE the mirror...otherwise, you'd never know it was there.  Talk about a "magic mirror!"

Solution B.  Another example is the following room.  Its a really magnificent office with some gorgeous design elements.  But a glossy black flatscreen would really be difficult to place here.  Or would it?

Great office We have a recommendation!  The TV could be hidden behind the artwork.  We have a relationship with a company that can take your favorite artwork and reproduce it so that when you want turn on the hidden TV, the artwork rolls up like a curtain going up revealing the TV behind it.  Click here for an example of how that looks.

We have other solutions to hiding your TV.  The point is, when you have strong design elements in your home AND you need the best technology available, make us a part of your design team.  We work MAGIC!

Bryan and Jon pic.jpgby Bryan Naquin.  Follow Bryan on Twitter @ACIexperts.  And you can always contact him at 225.906.2589 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Bryan Naquin is president of Acadian Home Theater and Automation based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  CEPro Magazine has ranked Acadian in the top 100 consumer electronic companies in the U.S. for the fourth year in a row.

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[…] SEE ALSO: Solutions for Designers: What About That TV? […]

[…] SEE ALSO: Solutions for Designers: What About That TV? […]
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