Smart Security Tools to Keep Your Home Safe in 2019

Home automation brings you peace of mind with powerful, easy-to-use security and surveillance devices

Do you leave your home unprotected while you head to work each day? Are you heading to the beach for spring break in the near future? Any summer vacations planned?

All these situations are reasons to re-evaluate your home security needs. According to statistics from the Baton Rouge Police Department, there were 3,229 burglaries and 8,504 larceny cases in 2017, the most recent year available.

You want to make sure your home and your loved ones are protected, and that’s where smart home technology can be a great ally. Let’s look at how automation improves the home security system of your Baton Rouge residence.

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It’s high time for you to ditch your keys in favor of digital smart locks. Typically, smart locks are unlocked using a numeric code or from an app; no more hiding a key for either yourself or guests when you give them a one-time-use code. This makes smart locks a significantly stronger security tool than analog locks.

Other security benefits from smart locks: easily create schedules that automatically lock or unlock your doors at different times of the day. Similarly, you can link your locks to your fire alarm so that your doors unlock automatically in the event of a fire, which saves you precious seconds in an emergency.

Smart doorbells are also a worthwhile security upgrade. Old-fashioned doorbells do precisely one thing, while their digital replacements allow you to talk to whoever’s at the door, verify their identity with a camera and then remotely unlock your door. This is perfect for deliveries, cleaning crews or any other situation where someone needs to get into your home while you’re not there. Simply lock the door behind them when they leave.


A comprehensive home security plan takes account for more than just burglaries or robberies. House fires and carbon monoxide poisoning are also extremely dangerous threats, even if you may not think about them as often when it comes to safety concerns.

Now is the time to make sure your home is adequately protected from fires and carbon monoxide. As we mentioned above, smart locks can be linked to your alarm system and programmed to unlock all your doors automatically if the system sense a fire. This may not sound like much, but those few seconds spent fumbling for your keys may mean the difference between life and death.

As for carbon monoxide, experts recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector on every floor of your home. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that about 2,200 people in the United States died from carbon monoxide poisoning between 2010 and 2015. You may also want an automated HVAC system that can shut itself off in the event of a fire, thereby slowing the spread of smoke throughout your home.


Of course, the best solution for home security is having  someone watch over your home while you’re not there. At Acadian Home Theater and Automation, we’re proud to offer professional monitoring services to our clients to help keep them safe.

While you may get a call from your current alarm company if an intrusion is detected, the response time may be slow, or you may not get a call at all if phone service to your home is out for whatever reason. By contrast, our security professionals will send you an alert the moment we see that something’s wrong. Our monitoring service also goes beyond burglaries and home intrusion; we can help protect you from fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and more.

To learn more about Acadian’s home security solutions, call us at (225) 650-7840, fill out our online contact form or click on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your browser.

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[…] bus stop or are driven back by a babysitter, you can avoid mishaps of lost or forgotten keys with smart locks. Your children can use an easy-to-remember pin code (perhaps a birthday or the year you adopted a […]

[…] bus stop or are driven back by a babysitter, you can avoid mishaps of lost or forgotten keys with smart locks. Your children can use an easy-to-remember pin code (perhaps a birthday or the year you adopted a […]
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